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Impressive crossover XC70
By William Faria November 19, 2012
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DUBAI: The third generation Volvo XC70 is an impressively versatile wagon featuring higher ground clearance and SUV styling or you may also term it as a clear crossover.

It is no doubt very smooth, stable, fast and very comfortable on Dubai highways. Most models come with all-wheel drive, which makes the XC70 a good choice for the Gulf market.

New in the 2013 version are the support systems Road Sign Information, Active High Beam and Tunnel Detection. The XC70 has a unique nose, characterised by a larger grille and redesigned headlamps.

Chassis tech

The chassis technology has been continuously developed to provide even more stable and more controlled road manners. A lot of effort has also gone into features such as the suspension system and engine installation to ensure high-class comfort.

The tailgate’s upper section has a sportier forward-leaning stance. The tailgate overlaps the tail lamps, providing an even wider opening. The glass goes further down at the sides, enhancing rear view. The rails are integrated into the A-pillar mouldings.

The interior of the XC70 is an example of Scandinavian design at its best.

Interior comfort

The interior is elegant with the cabin boasting firm soft-touch surfaces everywhere, leather upholstery in all the right places, and even real aluminium trim all across the dash as well as the ‘floating’ centre-console.

Comfort in the front seat features superb seats and ergonomically designed instruments - including an elegant, super-slim centre stack and an audio system of absolute world class.

It’s easy to master its multitude of controls, and it’s simpler and more efficient than many of its luxury competitors.

All information is presented on a five-inch or seven-inch colour screen in the upper part of the centre stack.

All the functions can be controlled via buttons built into the steering wheel or via touch buttons located just below the colour screen.

Volvo is actually the only brand to offer Bluetooth music streaming throughout the entire vehicle range.

Space inside is excellent both front and back.

Other gadgetry includes Bluetooth, USB port, little screens within the gauges, more that enough airbags, blind-spot monitor, cruise control, HID headlights, powered front seats, LED tail lamps that blink on hard braking.


Engine The XC70 T6 AWD comes with a direction-injection turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-6 straight out of the S60, mated to a smooth 6-speed automatic. The turbocharged T6 engine was named one of Ward’s Ten Best engines for 2011, a prestigious award. It’s the first Volvo engine to ever win. It does 0-100 kph within 5.9 seconds!

The XC70 is engineered for serious gear hauling and is equipped with all the active and passive safety features that form Volvo’s well-deserved reputation for safety engineering.

It comes with full-time all-wheel drive using an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch, and its suspension is raised to increase both movement range and ground clearance.  This latest AWD generation ensures the excellent handling and powerful driving characteristics that Volvo performance customers appreciate.

The AWD system incorporates the latest technology from Haldex. The new AWD generation features a new, six-piston radial pump, direct-driven by a powerful electric motor. The reduced weight contributes to improved fuel economy.

Dent-resistant lower body cladding and protective skid plates underneath protect it from damage. Standard Hill Descent Control makes ascending steep, slippery trails easier and safer.

The Volvo V70 is also equipped with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) and IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System), two innovations that help the driver maintain better control over the traffic situation.

BLIS registers if another vehicle is in the offset rear blind spot alongside the car and alerts the driver via a visual signal. IDIS helps stop the driver being distracted by non-essential information in pressing situations, for instance by delaying incoming phone calls or text messages.

DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) is standard. This is a stability-enhancing system that when necessary reduces engine torque and applies carefully calculated braking power to reduce the risk of a skid.

Warning gadgets

The Volvo XC70 technology uses radar and a camera to monitor pedestrians in front of the car. The system initially provides a warning to alert the driver so he or she can brake or steer clear of the pedestrian. If the driver does not respond, the car automatically brakes with full force moments before the collision becomes unavoidable. With automatic braking, collisions can in certain circumstances be avoided at speeds below 35 km/h. 

Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake is a refined warning system that initially warns the driver and pre-charges the brakes. The brakes are automatically activated if the driver doesn’t act when a rear-end collision with a moving or stationary vehicle is imminent.

With City Safety, the car automatically brakes if the driver fails to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops - or if he or she is driving too fast towards a stationary object. New is that the system is active in speeds up to 50 km/h.


In order to contribute to the best possible visibility during night-time driving on curving and twisting roads, the car can be equipped with Active Bending Lights - swivelling headlamps that follow the sweeps and bends of the road.

By using the Dual Xenon light technology it give a 90 per cent boost to the driver’s vision round bends at night. The Dual Xenon gas discharge lamps expand the vision range at nights by about 230 per cent. This means the driver can gain a further 45 metres for braking.

Driver Alert

Driver Alert Control alerts the driver when his or her concentration level is affected, for instance during long journeys. Driver Alert Control monitors the car’s movements and assesses whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled or uncontrolled way.

WHIPS system

Volvo’s support for avoiding neck injuries - WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) - is one of the most effective on the market. In the event of a rear-end collision the front seat backrest accompanies the passenger’s initial body movement and dampens the incoming force rather like one’s hand does when catching a ball.

The XC70 features further developed generation of WHIPS to ensure that the damping motion is gentle and to provide good contact between the head and head restraint throughout the impact sequence.

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