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Sula Powell: Brunch between coursework
April 01, 2016
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It is ultimately, although very slowly, nearing the end of the most repelled and loathed month incorporated into the semester, “coursework month.” Just two more submissions and I am 100% unrestricted and free (well until exams commence in May). Free from 20 page brain pulsing and migraine inducing journals and that monotonous Harvard referencing. I actually cringe at myself for purchasing a whole book dedicated to its presence and importance when in reality it is a real shame I do not care what goes in italics or who is included in “et al.” Nevertheless, the book is helpful all the same and even better it convinces my dad that I am actively participating in the recommended course readings.

More importantly, focusing on the positives this week, I very fortunately received a huge and well needed injection of confidence. For our “Operations Management” group coursework we were awarded the highest grade in the whole year group. Yes, you know you are smart when you draw with the class rep. I simply lost count how many times “Alhamdulillah” was used in the group chat! Despite feeling somewhat smug, in our defence the group worked for three weeks straight almost every day, I was constantly stressed and possibly grumpy if you questioned my fellow group members. I am also positive I lost hair and several brain cells in the process.

Of course getting an “A” in itself is a fabulous achievement but I feel, for me at least, a more grander prize would be better received. Perhaps a long weekend stay in the Mirihi Island Resort in the Maldives would be sufficient?  I know it would most certainly compensate for the amount of stress endured throughout the whole three weeks spent in the library developing and constructing process flow maps along with hours spent analysing Burger King’s “Four Perspectives.”

I’m not entirely sure how the course coordinator and the professor of the Management and Languages School would feel about it all, imaginably not amused nor full of encouragement. Since I am being considerate I will just kindly ask my mum to send some money so I can purchase a nice Easter egg from Spinneys — ideally one from Godiva would suit me better but I won’t push it!

Before my cousin left she very generously insisted on treating me to brunch at Al Qasr again. I think she feels extremely sorry for me when she sees firsthand the stress I am under from the mountain of work thrown at me recently. Al Qasr is the only brunch I have been to but I cannot see any other place topping it. Maybe I am just too biased since I am obsessed with anything Madinat related, plus the grilled lobster there gives me life.

I shamefully must admit I am that person you will see at brunch who has their plate filled with anything and everything as if I have never been fed before. Yes, I proudly had scallops, chips, pad thai, paella and a poached egg all on the same plate. I love being able to try all the different food and seeing it prepared properly and freshly in front of you. I tried some caramel liquid nitrogen ice cream for the first time which was incredible, I was mesmerised by all the smoke. It is just a real sin when the food baby begins to bloom and rudely protrude without invitation under your jumpsuit and ruin your whole look. At least this time I was slightly logical and avoided the all white colour scheme. Cranberry stains on my brand new crisp, white Zara trousers equals one word — impossible.

That same night a few hours later we were still peckish, shock I know! Since my cousin was staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and we knew there was a Jamie’s Italian perfectly positioned in the vicinity we thought we would indulge in a late night snack to “keep us going.” By snack I mean crab bruschetta, crispy risotto balls, garlic and parsley fries and fritto misto. Let’s just say I think a flash fried mussel does not bode well with the mix of food I consumed that day!
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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