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Abu Dhabi meet today to discuss UN report on Saudi-led coalition’s efforts in Yemen
September 09, 2018
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ABU DHABI: An elite list of international human rights activists, representatives of civil society forces, non-governmental organisations, and experts on international humanitarian law and international law will gather in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, 9th September, for an international symposium to present an analytical, objective and critical reading to the United Nations, UN, report released last week by the Group of International and Regional Eminent Experts on Yemen.

Speakers will cast the spotlight on mistakes, inaccuracies and gross malpractices in the international standards, principles and values committed by the commission of inquiry and fact-finding missions and will also review the human rights situation in Yemen, egregious human rights, crimes against humanity and war crimes being committed by the Houthi militia since their coup against the legitimate government in 2014 until the release of the report on 28th August, 2018.

Organised by the UAE Journalists’ Association under the title ‘’Expert Group Report: Exacerbation of Violations and Continuation of Suffering’’, the event will refute and debunk allegations and bias stated in the report which the Houthi militia took as a mechanism to prolong the humanitarian crisis, exacerbate the human rights violations and crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by the rebels in light of the international silence and inability to stop them at their limit.

The event also aims to enlighten the regional and world public opinion, mediapersons, jurists, human rights defenders, politicians, lawmakers, and representatives of civil society, centres for strategic studies and research on the best mechanisms to respond to politically and ideologically-motivated human rights reports.


Participants will highlight how the Group of Experts’ report has presented a biased document that does not give a true, objective overview of the human rights situation in Yemen and provide clear-cut proposals to end these violations and ease concerns by the international community about the suffering endured by the Yemeni civilians. According to the organisers, the report has ignored the role still being played by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in maintaining peace, security and stability in Yemen and promoting respect for human rights there.

The event will issue a media declaration which will be sent to the UN and underline the UAE Journalists’ Association’s solidarity with other peer media organisations to confront conspiracies and hostile agenda from well-known parties.

The symposium will feature three working sessions: the first will present an analytical reading of the report focussing on bias and inaccuracies and explaining risks about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the international struggle for human rights as well as the role of UN agencies, international organisations and governments in respecting and upholding human rights and establishing world security and peace.


Speakers at the second session will present a vision for the role of non-governmental organisations in building and enhancing the universal human rights systems and world peace. They will also expose the negative role of certain organisations to add political and ideological colour to human rights issues and files. Participants will also highlight the significant efforts by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in building modern state institutions in Yemen and improving living standards. Media efforts to enlighten, guide and shape regional and international public opinion will also be touched upon.

The third session will see an interactive open dialogue and release of the final declaration.

Mohammed Al Hammadi, Chairman of the UAE Journalists’ Association, said the association holds this event as part of its mandate to defend the State and confront smear campaigns against the UAE and other Arabian Gulf states.


“The symposium will highlight the scale of malpractices and inaccuracies stated by the Group of Regional and International Eminent Experts on Yemen,’’ he stated.

The association had led the efforts to formulate an alliance of non-governmental organisations to regulate human rights practices and keep them away from the political or sectarian agenda that abuse noble human values promoted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he added.

In September 2017, the Human Rights Council requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a group of eminent international and regional experts on Yemen to monitor and report on the situation of human rights. The Group of Experts was mandated to carry out a comprehensive examination of all alleged violations and abuses of international human rights and other appropriate and applicable fields of international law committed by all parties to the conflict since September 2014, including the possible gender dimensions of such violations, and to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged violations and abuses and, where possible, to identify those responsible.

The Group of Experts released their report on 28th August, 2018, which will be reviewed by the Human Rights Council in its next session as part of the report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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