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Aquarius acknowledges Pisces
Your friendly astrologer Mel February 08, 2018
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This week, there is another shift in planetary energy and it’s the planet Venus as it moves into Pisces, leaving behind Aquarius. The unpredictability of finances and romances are at an end and the illusions or dreams are about to begin. Air signs (of which Aquarius is one) and water signs (of which Pisces is one) can’t fully grasp the concept of earth-bound materialism. The visions are futuristic and the dreams are big but with no firm financial terra firma, these either remain in the sky or form mirages. Venus in Pisces is compassionate, full of romantic dreams and highly imaginative but one wants to know where the money will come from or where it goes! If you are looking to give without receiving, this is the perfect placement that will work wonders for your soul or else… let’s find out.

TIP OF THE WEEKVenus in Pisces calls for compassion, sensitivity and selflessness when it comes to finances and relationships. Applying this energy during this phase will serve you for the better in future. Have a dreamy week ahead!

 March 21
April 20
Venus moving into Pisces signifies a period of rest and retreat from worldly finances and relationships or it could be the liaisons of secretive ones. Both call for reflection and understanding. There is something “fishy” about the relationship or the finances during this phase — these appear to support your professional life while they challenge your free spirit, travel, higher wisdom and understanding as well as interaction of things related to overseas. This is an upcoming period of rest where the body and mind need rest so reflect and meditate for now before any further action is taken. So take care.
 April 21
May 20
It’s a supportive time for you when it comes to relationships and finances. The upheavals have passed and it’s time to heave a sigh of relief, get back to being peaceful like hanging out with sympathetic and understanding friends and to unwind gently with dreams that call out to the humanitarian in you. Good friendships and supportive finances are part of this period but watch out for financial struggles related to joint ventures that could ruin your social dreams and goals. It calls for taking care and being aware that you need to accommodate both spheres — the emotional and the social and to hang out with the kind people.
 May 21
June 20
Venus moves into Pisces signifying a challenging period for you related to finances and relationships that are related to profession. This is the time to really look at your career dreams and work out business proposals or the remuneration that are expected from a business. Your relationship or significant other may be a major hurdle to your professional financials and partnership. While this placement has the potential of making financial dreams come true through your professional skills, it also has the negatives of collapsing your dreams and showing you the illusions or the deception. So hone your intuitive skills and listen with your higher self or this period can be expensive, professionally.
 June 21
July 20
The shift of Venus into Pisces offers good scope for relationship and financial matters overseas. This is a lucrative period for travel overseas and higher education. It’s on the agenda that someday, if not now, you are likely to relocate to a foreign shore. So work on it during this period. Make the plans. However, also be aware that challenges from an active work life or ill health may cause you to take a step back and review just how to accommodate and adapt the goodness of the current period, while taking it easy, without getting carried away, for work and health purposes.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The Venus shift into Pisces may appear to be difficult as it poses some challenges for relationships and finances related to joint financial ventures. This is the time to really try to understand your financial partner, business and/or personal for there may be some deception involved as you are not tuning into the right feeling that is prevalent. You need to become more sensitive and let your higher self understand the nuances of this financial union that your partner may be withholding for some reason or the other. Challenges from the need to unwind, relax, enjoy, romance and recreate may also pose problems to the shared resources and may lead to becoming more financially modest which can be a good thing.
 Aug 21
The shift of Venus into Pisces points to your relationship sector where new romance blossoms or a commitment is entered into between that significant other and you. It could also mean the end of your relationship as your partner moves on or finds new love. This period has the potential to carry the best dreams that can come true for you and your partner or the deceptions that are likely to surface in a bid to clear the murky waters of your relationship. Besides, due to the strong action being taken for home and family, this relationship that is also financially needy may throw a spanner in the wheel. You will need to accommodate both home, family matters and your relationship to get things back on even keel.
The shift of Venus into Pisces calls for new shifts in relationships and finances related to work. This is the period for new or current work that will see a hike in your salary or new employees if you are the boss. Watch your health or you are likely to have big bills to pay — that’s another message from this planetary shift. Also be wary of the deceptions involved in the work or health scenarios that may feature other colleagues or even your animal companions. While this period has the potential to make your dreams of service to others come true, it may also be detrimental if you have been seeing things unrealistically. Go easy on your food intake and make it healthy.
The Venus shift into Pisces is favourable for you especially with regard to romance, recreation, children and creativity. This is a good period to take a break and relax yourself surrounded by your loved ones. It can be a period where you may become a parent for the first time or yet again. This phase has high potential for you when it comes to parenting and romance. Everything seems to flow smoothly and you are feeling good about yourself, boosted by those who love you. However, personal finances and values may clash with this dream scene causing you to make necessary financial adjustments but continue to make merry, only modestly. Enjoy this phase.
The shift of Venus into Pisces this week forth involves challenges to relationships and finances in connection with home and family. The expenses may be huge, as huge as emotional setbacks with those at home. Be wary of deceptions and illusions only if you are not being sensitive to those who need their privacy and their dreams, however unrealistic they may be. This time you are all fired up and geared for action and emotional setbacks can set you ablaze with fury and thoughtlessness or even impulsive actions that you are likely to regret. So pay attention, be sensitive, compassionate and understanding and accept the deceptions for what they are truly — lost dreams.
The Venus shift into Pisces marks a supportive period for you via those around, from siblings, for short trips and education as well as communication. This is an ideal period to share your ideas and dreams with those around. It could turn out to be a busy period for communication and commutation that may clash with your ardent need for rest and retreat. You will have to work out balancing both spheres of life by getting sufficient rest and by interacting with those around. Don’t let either sphere overwhelm you into forgetting yourself or your needs.
The Venus shift into Pisces calls for focus on your personal finances and values. This is about making your money work for you or to afford you what you truly desire. However, be aware of the illusions or unrealistic dreams during this phase especially when there are social organizations, friends and even acquaintances involved. These can be expensive for you and you are quite ready to put your money into social service or common cause. However, do so but also take care of your personals. It is important to balance both these spheres during this phase.
The shift of Venus into your own sign marks a new beginning for you in finances and relationships. This period is about loving the self and promoting you to the world of materialism, beauty, dreams and visions. Although, the physical self is yet to get back into action, the higher self is already making its way to promote your true innate, aesthetic self to the world that will garner the right finances and even the right relationship for you, business and/or personal. However, with this personal change there are challenges from an aggressive and hectic professional life that scarcely allows any time for self and can be ruthless with your personal dreams and visions. Let the truth (from profession) clear the personal illusions and give equal time to both spheres to avoid conflict and restore true progress.

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