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American students visit UAE
By Jamil Khan January 13, 2012
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DUBAI: A group of 21 students from different faculties of the DePauw University, Indiana, USA, are in town for the last couple of days as a part of their winter term course 2012.

So far they have visited different parts of the UAE and found the country “a unique place in the Middle East” with its fast growth of economy in the presence of globalisation.

Every year as a part of winter term course, various groups of students of the DePauw University from different faculties visit a country and experience globalisation and multiculturalism.

This year the group is in the UAE to interact with the Pakistani community residing in the UAE to understand the multicultural values of Pakistani expatriates, the second largest community in the country.

The group of students led by Jeffery T Kenney, Professor of Religious Studies and Professor Harry Brown of DePauw University attended a dinner hosted by Pakistani community’s major platform, Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) and its various wings including Pakistan Business Council, Professional Wing, Chartered Accountant Forum while members of other wings also attended the reception held at Clover Creek Hotel, Dubai on Wednesday.

Professor Kenney while talking to The Gulf Today said that, “So far we have visited different historical sites in Dubai as well as malls and also visited American University of Sharjah, one of the major university. We are also planning to go to Fujairah and later Abu Dhabi to experience globalisation and multiculturalism in the UAE.

“After this two-week long trip, the students will have to complete their assignment  by incorporating their experience of what they have seen. The global, economic and political aspects and development of Dubai and the UAE will be presented by them in the form of a photo-journalistic book.”

During their stay in the UAE, the delegation will meet different communities as well as will visit various universities to interact with people with different backgrounds. Besides this is a big opportunity for students to travel far part of the world and experience as well as education,” he said.

He further added that it is first time that a group of students from DePauw University are visiting Middle East. “When we finalised our destination to Dubai, UAE, we found great enthusiasm among the students who enrolled themselves for this opportunity and showed great interest to visit the UAE. May be we will send another group next year to accommodate the remaining students who are not part of this visit.

However, I have been in various countries but the Dubai is much different in terms of its development, its economic activities and the multi-cultural environment,” he said.

However, Muhammad Usman, one of the students associated with the delegation shared his view and said “it is a wonderful experience to visit this part of the world. Although I am enrolled in Arabic Policy course and this is my first visit of the Middle East and we found UAE as an interesting place as it has majority of its population of expatriates and a different place to understand the phenomena of multiculturism and what it does in the society.”

Later the representatives of different wings of PAD presented detail presentation on the activities of Pakistani community residing and taking part in the progressive role of the country.

Muhammad Nafees, an official from Chartered Accountant Forum of PAD said that the community has been considering UAE its second home as he himself has been living in the Emirates for almost more than three decades. “The great visionary leaders of UAE like, Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid as well as the present rulers are great admirers of Pakistan and its community. As our community has been present in the country since its federation in 1971 and played a significent role in the development of various sectors of the UAE and still doing so,”  he said.

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