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Tanya Khoury: Joyless ride
June 21, 2013
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In an eerily underground parking I stepped out towards this ‘IMAX’ theatre, unhappy with the fact that this was going to be in IMAX and that I was going to wear hideous goggles. Nevertheless I was determined to make it a good experience even though every single part of it screamed otherwise.

Henry Cavill flies as the caped crusader in Man of Steel but fails to save the film
I let go of the fact that the popcorn was not up to par; Henry Cavill is Superman and he is just too beautiful to get me upset over measly popcorn. However, the picture began half an hour late with no previews to salvage the deteriorating situation so I put on the overly snug glasses and powered through for the sake of Cavill.

With a run time of 143 minutes it took all the willpower I could muster not to get up and walk out – no, Cavill was going to salvage this situation. Let us divide the movie into three sections shall we – the beginning almost looked too promising to sustain the storyline; we get to know more about the history of Krypton and how Superman or Kal-El rather came about, the history of their world and all the underlying ‘messages’ the writers were trying to bring across. It was good; I liked how we were getting to see more about the origins and how this was going to eventually bring about the rise of Superman. This feeling lasted for about 50 minutes. Things went downhill after that. I guess the idea seemed like it was going to work in the writers’ minds, but it just didn’t pan out like that to the viewer, for me at least.

Sections two and three of the film become too much of a mess – way too many subplots and too many things going on leave absolutely no sustenance to support how the story came about. We meet Lois Lane and she could not have been more poorly cast, the chemistry between her and Kal-El or Clark Kent or Man of Steel or Superman (I can go on forever) is just nonexistent. It feels extremely staged and cold, with a complete flat line of emotions from almost all the cast. Apart from General Zod (the bad guy in the film), the whole bunch of actors fell flat. We get into the battle of earth versus Krypton and whether Superman will be the ‘saviour’ or not. A whole lot of explosions along the way, so much so that you get an instant migraine between the 3D and the IMAX effect, battle scene after battle scene made the movie look like the writers were on a pretty long cigarette break, and just when you felt like all the battle scenes ended and we were going to get somewhere you find out how mistaken you were as another explosion comes out from the far left corner for yet another Hollywood battle.

Another thing that I missed during the film was all the cheesy references that Superman had throughout the years. There were no Clark Kent Superman phone booth moments, glasses vs. no glasses at the Daily Planet (writers killed that right at the beginning), just general little things that are so predictable you expect them to be inserted somewhere. They weren’t. I was happy with one thing only and that was the perfection of Henry Cavill, he does make one fine looking Superman and by fine I mean so good looking that even a migraine didn’t make me leave. We know there is a sequel and we definitely know that I will not watch it. 5/10 just for the sake of the first 50 minutes.

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