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Sula Powell: Rainy day
November 20, 2015
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I think (actually I know) I am quite openly obsessed with food; surely everyone must be wise to this by now. If not, I will quite happily, once more, highlight my love for all things food related. Unfortunately, living in Dubai, coupled with being a ‘poor student,’ it is not always possible to enjoy things as much as I would like — my gran, in particular, does pity me and sends me money so I can buy avocados. Why are avocados the equivalent to £5, someone enlighten me please?

My good friends were leaving the country and very kindly gifted me their Entertainer booklet — yes they were subject to my constant food obsession so they were delighted it would be going to good use. I was quite sceptical about using the vouchers, as I am aware any money-off schemes back home in the UK were for, shall we say, not the most desirable of places, possibly just the restaurants lacking in customers. However, this is the UAE, there are not really any undesirable eating-places!

So this is my new obsession, the Entertainer app and booklet. I feel as though I am now being economical about my obsession and, even better, I can view how many dirhams I am saving. It is a win-win situation — my hunger is satisfied for a few hours and I am not completely skint. The only regrettable thing leaving me blue is why why why did I not invest in this last year?

October was a fabulous month. It was my birthday and my lovely mum decided to fly out and be with me to celebrate. She was most delighted and utterly thrilled to be out here — most importantly there was sun, no wind, no rain, no cold, no ice and, most definitely, no snow. The last time she visited was in June, where it was almost 50 degrees, a lovely distant memory. This time she was not as satisfied with the heat, at one point she complained it was cold. I was slightly smug and had a quiet chuckle to myself when she returned from a day at the pool with a slightly red, exuberant, lobster-like shade glowing from her face.

My birthday seemed to transform into a birthday week, being cooked for everyday and receiving a birthday cake from almost every restaurant we visited. I was, however, perhaps not so content at the never-ending amount of cardio that followed, but I would rather not reflect on that.

The change in weather is finally here, the UAE ‘winter’ is back — I can at last now wear polo necks everyday to class in peace and not sweat profusely. Along with this it is time to cue a day of rain and witness all my peers go insane. This year I did in fact witness a group of twenty-something-year-olds take turns to jump in a puddle. I did turn a blind eye and not sigh as I appreciate this only occurs once a year.

I also have the winter bug, which seems to have latched on to me for weeks now. My throat feels like it is either going to cease or combust, I am not quite sure! My mum did bring over some Olbas oil and Vics rub for me. That is one thing I miss about being away from home, not being able to get a cuddle from my mum and dad when I am not well.

To add to my bout of illness, the university workload has increased again. The whole time my mother was here I was persistently juggling university, work alongside trying to be a satisfactory host. I am not entirely convinced I was successful, but I shall refrain from negativity and incorporate what my classmates always say for anything university related, “Inshallah I pass.”

Again this term it was group work and essays. I think the university should be rebranded ‘Heriot Essay-Group-Work Watt.’ Sometimes I feel doing the work solely by myself would be more simplistic rather than dealing with the free riders and those that coast by, expecting a three line input to be sufficient. “Go to university,” they said, it is fun…
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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