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March 08, 2018
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It is two minutes to midnight — what is the significance of this statement, and it refers to which clock?
1. This creature, (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), is a critically endangered surviving today only in Iran. It once occurred from the Arabian peninsula and the near east to the Kyzylkum desert, Caspian region, Pakistan and India. Which creature are we referring to?

2. SpaceX  ( owned by Elon Musk) launched the most powerful U.S. rocket since NASA’s mighty Saturn V, on Feb. 6, 2018, along with its unusual payload, The Tesla Roadster. What was the name of the rocket?

3. It is situated in the vicinity of Kabul.  Upon which Mughal emperor’s tomb are found these words: “The tomb was erected for the light-garden of the God- forgiven angel king whose rest is in the garden of Heaven.”

4. The legal battle between Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara and her ex fiancé Nick Loeb continues after a right-to-live lawsuit was reportedly filed against the actress. Court papers filed in Louisiana lists whom as plaintiffs  “Isabella” and “Emma,” according to The New York Post’s Page Six?

5. Which term was coined by Ludwig August von Rochau, a German writer and politician in the 19th century, and refers to politics or diplomacy based primarily on practical considerations, rather than ideological notions.

6. 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang. Which is the only country exempted from wearing clothes by Nike, the official clothes maker for the Winter Olympics?

7. Which company recently unveiled its ‘mini-rainforest’ Three Spheres complex at its $4billion Seattle campus with 40,000 plants, a 55ft tall Ficus tree, a suspension bridge, and climate control that simulates a breeze?

8. When she crossed the finish line of the women’s cross-country skiing 30km mass start classic at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the “Iron Lady” created a  very special moment for us all to witness. Who was she, and why all the fuss?

9. What is South America’s only native bear?

10. It is two minutes to midnight — what is the significance of this statement, and it refers to which clock?


1. Asiatic cheetah, also known as Iranian cheetah

2. The Falcon Heavy, which is essentially composed of three Falcon 9 rockets

3. Babur

Embryos. The alleged suit asks that Loeb be given full custody of the fertilised eggs

5. Realpolitik

6. Unified Korea

Amazon. The company’s hard-working employees will be able to take a break from the daily grind by walking along stone pathways, observing mini-waterfalls, and enjoying the plant life from exotic locales in South America

Well, by winning five medals in Pyeongchang, Maarit Bjørgen moved ahead of fellow Norwegian Ole Einar Bjørndalen to become the most successful athlete in Winter Olympics history. She even had time to take a break three years ago to have a child

9. The spectacled Andean Bear. The spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus), also known as the Andean bear or Andean short-faced bear and locally as jukumari (Aymara), ukumari (Quechua) is the last remaining short-faced bear

The DoomsdayClock. Although it focuses on nuclear risk, climate change, and emerging technologies, the nuclear landscape takes centre stage

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