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Police to compile DNA database
BY LINA ABDEL RAHMAN October 18, 2017
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SHARJAH: The Sharjah Police are working in initiating a DNA database to include information regarding detainees and criminals.

The police employees also will be included in the database to exclude them when necessary, said Brig Dr Abdul Qader Al Ameri, Director of the forensic laboratory of Sharjah Police. He explained that DNA tests conducted at the laboratory have succeeded in achieving scientific achievements, solving many cases, and had a global return through the delivery of substantial results. 

“Many international experts have used DNA results and findings of researchers of the laboratory, and then applied them in their countries,” he added  

He stressed through DNA tests, police managed to solve various cases including murder crimes in which the test identified the identity of the blood of murderers and victims, dead bodies during disaster, rape and parental disputes.

“The DNA is extracted from the blood and is analysed through the advanced devices in the laboratory,” he said

Al Ameri pointed out that in 2014, Sharjah Police introduced a new laboratory specialised in the application of DNA testing which uses system mitochondria system. It is considered the most accurate and sophisticated in use internationally because of its unique characteristics to from other traditional systems.

He said they used DNA to prove kinship in the family in case of allegation of kinship for the purpose of inheritance after the death of a wealthy person. This is done by taking a blood sample from these people and comparing their genetic patterns. The laboratory has solved many number of this case during this year at the request of the Court.

Al Ameri said that the laboratory had successfully solved many difficult cases of murder, theft, relying on their DNA database.

He cited an example of an unknown case where one of the men attacked a woman in a lift and found a blood drop in the crime scene. After analysis of the blood drop, it was found that the person was wanted by police because he had stolen Dhs700,000 from one place, and in another incident.  In another incident, an Arab man reported to the police that he had been attacked by three men. He showed the police the traces of the blood by examining the police found out that the blood belonged to a lamb not human blood.   By confronting him with the lab result, he admitted that he worked alone in the factory and owner refused to bring in other employees. He thought of fabricating the story of the attack on him would change his employer’s mind to hire more employees.

Al Ameri said that the scientific achievements made by laboratories during the past years have received an important international resonance. These achievements include the examining of samples of mortal remains of up to 400 years by advanced methods and equipment available in the laboratory. This gave 100 per cent identical results to those in charge of this study.

Sharjah laboratory competed in this scientific research with 19 scientific and police laboratories around the world including America, Britain, France, Germany and some other countries.

The competition was under the supervision and organization of a specialized Agency for Genetic Analysis Services (FDNAS) based in the Czech Republic Cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine Charles University (Charles) in the capital of Prague. He pointed out that the laboratory applied this study, in cooperation with several bodies, on two samples of mortal remains dated back to 400 years and the second dating back to 150 years. “Only three agents were able to analyse samples over 400 years and achieve 100 per cent results, including the Forensic Laboratory of Sharjah Police.”

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