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Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam: The legend of a great scholar continues
By William Faria January 30, 2015
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Tributes continued to flow in for the late Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam as we commemorate the first death anniversary of a great scholar. One year has passed away and it seems just like yesterday, that our beloved Chairman and Founder of Dar Al Khaleej left behind beautiful memories to give us strength to continue through the journey of success.

Our Chairman has been a man with great wisdom, full of divine thoughts and encouragement. Though his death anniversary will fill us with tears, he still remains close to our heart and never apart.

But the memories and the love that we shared with our beloved Chairman will cherish forever.

Several personalities remembered the late Dr Taryam as a humble and generous man who was passionate not only about the UAE, but the entire Arab world.

They described him as an open and frank person who was completely unpretentious.

The UAE has no doubt lost one of its noblest, ablest and most loyal sons who we dare to say is irreplaceable.

Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam was a noble statesman and his service to the United Arab Emirates will never be forgotten.

He will forever be remembered as a symbol for UAE and Arab media excellence, playing an instrumental role in paving the way for many media establishments both locally and regionally.

He understood the value of the written word and its resounding effect on people and his enduring legacy and memory will carry on inspiring excellence in the fields of media and government.

It came as no surprise that he was awarded Media Personality of the Year at the Arab Journalism Awards in recognition of his contribution over decades in the service of Arabic media.

A street in Dubai has also been named in his honour. He has always shared in his country’s passion for freedom and development, and it was reflected in everything he did. As we mark a year from his passing, we reflect on the fact that he will greatly be missed, but his contributions will live on. May he rest in Peace.
Sheikh Majid Al Mualla
Divisional Senior VP, Emirates Group-Commercial Operations

On the first death anniversary of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, I would like to remember him for his integrity, dedication and loyalty.

He was admired and highly respected for his human and professional qualities. Dr Taryam was always very well-informed and faced his work with realism and courage, the same courage he put in his work when he was appointed Minister of Justice and Minister of Education.

He was beloved and respected for his extraordinary skills not only by all his colleagues but also by foreign residents in the United Arab Emirates.

He was one of the UAE’s cultural figures, a man of unsurpassed curiosity, intelligence, and heart. Thanks to his work ethic, many will be grateful for the lessons they learned under his leadership. He is sadly missed by all those who knew him and we owe very much to such an inspirational figure for his contribution to the birth of the nation.
HE Giorgio Starace
Italian ambassador to the UAE

Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” Shannon L. Alder.

3M Middle East and Africa Regional Office in Dubai, UAE and 3M Gulf Ltd., their management and staff, remember on this day the late Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam.A year has passed since the departure of this noble man who dedicated his life to great achievements that enriched the knowledge and the advancement of this Nation and the Region.

A man whose name, works and accomplishments will live forever in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

A man who witnessed, served and contributed to the UAE Union and who will always be remembered by his legacy and by the beacons that will continue to enlighten the spirit of the Nation, Dar Al Khaleej and its publications.
Ippocratis Vrohidis
Area Vice President, 3M- Middle East and Africa

It is unbelievable how time really flies and today, it is exactly one year that we are missing an important personality in our midst, Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, who was very instrumental especially in the promotion of education in the UAE.

I can still recall at this time last year, that along with our chairman Abdullah Al Thani and myself, we visited the late Dr Taryam’s house to pay our last respects to the entire family, as we received the news with extreme shock.

Dr Taryam will always be remembered as one of the national symbols who greatly contributed towards the developments of this nation.

Besides being a prominent personality in the government, having served as the UAE’s first Minister of Justice from 1971 to 1972, then Minister of Education from 1972 to 1979, he is also best remembered as a pioneer in establishing the first printing press in the country.

He also strongly promoted local and Arab media. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
Moussa El Hayek
Chief Operating Officer, Al Bustan Centre & Residence

A man full of perseverance with a kind spirit, Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam was undoubtedly one of the UAE’s distinguished figures and a role model to many.

Inspired by the forward thinking and the ambition of the UAE leaders, the late Dr Taryam had a strong passion for serving his motherland and contributing to its evolution, playing a leading role in revolutionising the media industry not only in the UAE but in the entire Arab world.

Dr Taryam was an extraordinary and charismatic leader with a strong will. He had remarkable endurance and ambition whilst building a formidable regional reputation. Every country has its own landmarks and legends and to us the late Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam is one of the UAE’s legends.

He founded and successfully led the Dar Al Khaleej publishing house and acquired a forefront in the media landscape in the MENA region with an elite of top tier publications in Arabic and English. His publications until today apply rigid editorial standards making them stand out significantly in the masses.

Certainly his much admired legacy in the region will continue to enlighten the way forward for others in the media landscape. As a great media legend, the late Dr Taryam will always be fondly remembered.
Neelesh Bhatnagar, CEO Emax

The late Dr Abdulla Omran Taryam has vastly contributed to the intellectual activities of this Nation, in so many different ways.

He will be greatly missed as much as he was cherished, by all who met him and knew him by person.

The late Dr Taryam was not only a pioneer of the local UAE press, but also one of its founders.

Our consolation is that he founded, along with his late brother Taryam Omran, the foundations for a free and fair press that gave the industry in the UAE, an Arab and national dimensions.

His passing away is a tremendous loss to all of us. Indeed it is a huge loss for our community, our hearts are broken and saddened by his absence in our midst.

Though his life was cut short at a prime age, his legend will however live on in all of us.

Those who personally knew the late Dr Taryam, will understand that he was a genial person with a dynamic personality, tempered always by warmth and an unending human kindness.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Taryam family, may Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
Santokh Singh Chawla- MD WowRAK Iceland Park

There are really no words to describe the proficiency of the late Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam. Nothing can actually replace the wisdom of this great scholar.  

Reading through several of his literature, I should say that the late Dr Taryam’s legend will continue to live forever. The Nation and the entire Arab world has indeed lost one of its greatest personalities.

He has been instrumental in the improvement of the country’s education system.

All of us, who personally knew the late Dr Taryam, will miss him in our day-to-day activities, as he was a prominent national figure who played an important role in the modern history of the UAE.

He was one of the pioneers of the national press, that spread its footprint across the Arab region.

Throughout his lifetime he defended the idea of the Federation, the project of the union and its accomplishments, and hence he holds a prestigious place among the veterans in the UAE.
Aurela Cuku
Co-founder & Managing Partner of Attisima Art Gallery- Dubai

Dr Abdulla Taryam as the Chairman of the UAE’s most prestigious media group contributed to the country and society by bringing out quality publications with relevant content on the nation and the region.

He started his career as a high school teacher in educating the youth of the country and had a big vision and ambition to play a role in his country’s development.

Dr Taryam’s vision and desire to see a strong nation led him to become a part of the negotiation team responsible in laying the foundation of the UAE’s union. His ambition, dream and capabilities made him the first and one of the youngest ministers to become the Minister of Education in the history of UAE.

In the media and mass communications community we will always remember him as a visionary who led for a change and gave direction to the region’s industry. He set the ethics and high standards of publishing in the UAE and his publications like Kul Ul Usra, Al Khaleej, The Gulf Today carry his legacy and values.
Amit Vardhan
Group Sales & Marketing Director, Fakhruddin Holdings

I hope that today we reflect on Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam’s extraordinary work and contributions to the journalism world in general and the UAE in particular.

He has been very vocal in the implementation of the media world, having established the first printing press in the country.

From here on, his establishment, Dar Al Khaleej Group, has not only made a striking progress in the UAE, but also the entire Arab world, becoming the region’s widely read publication. Long live Dr Taryam and his teachings.

May the Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
Kulwant Singh CEO/ MD Lama Tours

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