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Man abuses housewife under threats
BY HAMZA M SENGENDO December 06, 2017
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DUBAI: A repeat offender, who abused a housewife under threats to notify her brothers he spotted her with a strange man at night, has been thrown into prison.

The unemployed Arab man, 36, dragged the Emirati housewife, 40, from the man’s car, forced her inside his then threatened to assault her and kill her unless she surrendered to his sexual advances.

He several times pushed her against the door, punched and slapped her head while hitting it against the car until she fell dizzy. He rained punches on her until she was powerless. He abused her.

At the Criminal Court on May 13 he claimed the housewife cooked up the case. The court has sentenced him to three years behind bars plus deportation. Separately, a civil case has been filed against him.

She contacted Al Qusais Police Station claiming she was driving towards Al Twar when a motorist told her to pull over. He turned out to be the defendant. He forced her inside his car while striking blows on her head.

She told an Emirati lieutenant probing her complaint that she was not sure whether the defendant raped or sodomised her when she was inside his car because she was unconscious by then.

Police identified the man she was with and summoned him for questioning. He revealed he only drove around with her in Al Twar. He explained, “As soon as she left, the defendant showed up.

“He threatened to disclose to her brothers that he spotted her getting out of my car, unless I called her back. He hid in my car’s rear. I contacted her to come back. He took her inside his car.”

The lieutenant said investigations revealed the defendant who had a record in various crimes was the suspect behind her kidnap, assault and sexual attack. Investigators summoned him to the police station.

He denied forcing himself on the woman. He claimed only had a two-hour discussion with her during which she begged him not to shame her before her brothers regarding her secret meeting with the man.

The housewife told prosecutors that through a friend she got to know the man who at around 3:30am on Dec.13.2016 called her for a night out in Twar. He drove her to the defendant’s house.

The defendant who was hiding in the car’s rear seat suddenly seized her. He told her to follow him inside his car. She complied. The man drove his way. She begged the defendant to let go of her.

He insisted he had to first settle accounts with her. He locked the doors and jumped to the backseat where she was sitting then revealed what he wanted. She refused. He threatened, assaulted and abused her.

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