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Sula Powell: Farewell brunches
August 05, 2016
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According to my very pink, sparkly diary (I am channelling a Legally Blonde theme by the way, just to assist in provoking some laughable mental images for you all) I should be perfectly on schedule to be writing about the toil and grind of my first ever summer internship. The internship I spent a lengthy, and somewhat taxing, eight months securing! However, as we all know in the world of business things can go wrong. People let you down — last minute, a lot — and incredibly things will not and do not always go your own way. Especially when you are a naïve and bottom-of-the-chain intern.

Shock horror, imagine the world not facilitating and catering to my exact needs and wants. Being the baby in the family, dealing with disappointment is not a predominantly common occurrence. Having an opportunity, which was once confirmed, dissolve in front of you is unnecessarily worsened when your lovely mother and brother broadcast it on Facebook exclaiming how proud of you they are and gushing about your work ethic! The awkwardness and slight shame of the opportunity falling through (which, for clarification and self assurance, was through no fault of my own) left me demanding all evidence was banished. I think my mother was more distraught about discarding those sacred 150 likes.

As my flights were already prearranged for the end of August, putting it bluntly, I had to ‘suck it up’ and fill my summer with something else equally as productive and CV boosting. Ideally, I desired to overlook any opportunities within my university degree and perhaps reflect on my stomach and eating habits. I feel a food blogger or restaurant reviewer would suffice.

In between watching horrific daytime TV (if you are from the UK you will unfortunately be familiar with The Jeremy Kyle Show, somewhere I kept envisaging myself to be in the near future if I did not secure an internship and remain forever unemployable) I have been spending a considerable amount of my time frantically searching for a new internship. Apparently, in today’s world, when job searching and networking, it is majorly improper if you are not using LinkedIn. I was laughed at and mocked considerably for not having an account, but I would now officially consider myself to be LinkedIn savvy with a satisfactory amount of connections.

Effectively, being a super keen (annoying) student I just added any HR personnel within the whole of the Middle East being optimistic that surely someone would notice me, or decline me (the latter being exceedingly recurrent).

With the summer heat prospering unceasingly, it means half of my ‘girl gang,’ or ‘dolls’ as I like to call them, have left me here in Dubai whilst they return to the lousy Scottish rain. I say lousy, but I think for the first time — likely the last once I return in August — in my life I may be yearning (just a small fraction of me) for some of that fresh, raw and positively un-humid, Scottish air, coupled with the ability to walk a few yards without being engulfed with sweat and that very unglamorous and overly dewy look. If you have ever watched Wild Child, the S U L A (sweaty upper lip alert) truly becomes a reality in the UAE summer, I suppose you can say Sula had a Sula.

The most advantageous thing about my girls leaving was the customary ‘bon voyage’ dinner for each of them upon their departure. I am not utterly convinced anyone else was as adamant as me regarding dinner but you all know eating is high upon my list of priorities. We ate at China Grill (the 50% off on food during ladies night is just an incredible concept) and Asia Asia in Pier 7. There is a severe, mutual love for sushi amongst us all just to emphasise the obvious. My obsession with California Rolls and Soft Shell Crab sushi is not okay.

I also accompanied my friend on her first ever brunch, since I consider myself a semi-pro ‘bruncher’ it is only natural she requested me to chaperone. We went to the Mina A’Salam brunch. I did feel like such a traitor with Al Qasr next door but at least they both serve Jumeirah macarons!


Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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