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Tanya Khoury: Plenty of chuckles
September 13, 2013
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Summer films are still going strong at the theatres and this weekend was no different, with queues left, right and centre waiting for the freshest batch of popcorn. The main choice was to decide between the comedy or the action genres, and since I have a soft spot for the Saturday Night Live alumni (Jason Sudeikis in particular) it was a no-brainer. I never really have any high expectations for Hollywood blockbusters and my friends call me a snob for that matter. So I decided to take the high road and be one with the crowd. We’re the Millers was going to have to do…

Like I had foreseen, the main person I wanted to see in the film was the one that really carried it through. A comedy revolving around four interesting individuals who are forced to become a family for the sake of a deal, a drug smuggling deal for that matter – the premise is funny, because each of the characters falls under the stereotype of what society would deem wrong. Sudeikis plays David, a small-time drug dealer living off his connections; Aniston plays the stripper Rose who has had it with this line of work but cannot find a way out; a runaway is played by Emma Roberts; and the other character that I didn’t mind at all throughout, an awkward teenager with weird social skills, is played by a very promising Will Poulter. All those put together make up the family that is going on a mission to smuggle drugs in from Mexico. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

For the sake of a Hollywood hit I will say that the film is definitely entertaining; there are some funny lines here and there and albeit the ton cheese seeps in and out constantly, the movie has some merits. The flow works for the story and the good thing is that it goes on for just under two hours. I think if it had edged on farther, things would have taken a turn for the worse. However, as a comedy this one falls pretty flat on its face compared to some solid ones I have watched. For one, as much as I like Jennifer Aniston as a cast from Friends, I do not think she has anything to add as a character out of that role, her reactions and delivery are too ‘Rachel Green’ tainted. Some jokes were good and that is why the film for me was entertaining, just what you need if you feel like having a good tub of popcorn and a couple of hours to waste. But it doesn’t go any farther than that I’m afraid. The supporting cast all play their roles wonderfully and for the mainstream viewer this film is a hoot (I do realise how snobbish that sounds, but I’m still going to say it).

Everyone around me seemed to enjoy it a lot more than I did I must say, but that is not saying that I hated it. On the contrary Sudeikis was brilliant as he always is – his facial expressions, his character and his performance are so natural that you feel he can blend into any comedy situation very easily. In fact, he outshines the others in every scene and for me he is what made it all work. Go see the film, it will take your mind off the blistering summer heat and give you some good chuckles. I give the Millers a 5.9/10.
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