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Salty water does not cause hairloss: Expert
By Mariecar Jara-Puyod November 10, 2014
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SHARJAH: Water has nothing to do with hair loss or balding. Also, the advice of a psychologist or a psychiatrist should be sought when people try to imitate other people’s physical features.

Former community health volunteer-turned-fashion model-turned-aesthetic beauty expert, Anisa Vrabac, told The Gulf Today: “We have patients from countries with the purest water like India, the US and Switzerland. When people tell me they are losing hair because of the water here in the UAE, then I tell them water is not the problem.”

When asked of her opinion on aesthetics in cosmetic surgery trends, she said: “Many people have the desire to look like somebody else. But then aesthetic cosmetic surgery is about restoring our God-given and God-made symmetry of our unique features and not altering our looks.”

The Davenport University (Michigan) International Business degree holder explained: “Beauty is all about the symmetry of the face and the distance from the hairline to the tip of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin and which must be in three equal thirds.”

Therefore, “beauty is all about proportion”.

Vrabac then stressed that if ever thoughts on becoming more attractive hover, one must have the right reasons to “because we have to be better versions of us”.

Aesthetic cosmetic surgery is not the “quick fix” tool. In relation to hair loss and aesthetic cosmetic surgery, the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery-Hair Transplant Department Head claimed that the best beauty enhancer and specifically the best anti-ageing approach, is hair restoration.

This is so since receding hairlines or balding makes one appear to be a decade older.

On water as the root cause of hair loss, Vrabac said: “Several of our clients are convinced that the weather and water in the UAE is causing them to lose their hair. But, when I ask them if they have relatives back home who are balding or have receding hairlines, the answer is always yes,” she added.

“So, in reality, the UAE’s weather and water are not doing anything to your hair,” she pressed on.

Vrabac described the water in the UAE as salty, which contributes to hair dryness, but the saltiness has nothing to do with hair loss.

What then are the root causes of losing one’s mane?

“It is genetics. The development of certain hormones in the human body can signal the onset of baldness and the hormone Dihydrostestosterone (DHT) is the biggest culprit when it comes to androgenic alopecia,” Vrabac said.

Those who are not genetically pre-disposed would still have their full hair at age 50 “then start losing it as they approach their 70s.”

Vrabac mentioned severe stress as a contributing factor, whether this is physical or psychological and “it happens when the body goes into shock and as a result produces various hormones and metabolites which lead to hair loss”.

Another cause of hair loss or balding is traction alopecia when the hair is braided or pony tailed too tight.

Observational data revealed that while male patients do not have medical problems, the women, which is at a rate of one is to five across the Gulf countries, are suffering from the “inherited” polycystic ovary syndrome.

Chemotherapy drugs, migraine medications, anti-thyroid drugs and some epilepsy medicines result in excessive hair loss.

Men begin experiencing hair loss from age 25 to 35 caused by the accelerating levels of DHT resulting in the damage of hair follicles that start from the hairline to the upper middle section to the very middle top section and finally to the crown.

Hair loss among women “does not have a pattern” unlike that of the men, and starts from the childbearing years.

“Any transplanted hair follicle will never fall out as this is designed to be permanent,” Vrabac said.

Hair treatments for men include the growth factor therapy as well as the ingestion of biotin supplements and use of topical Minoxidil.

For women, it is hormone therapy.

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