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Tanya Khoury: For children of all ages
May 11, 2012
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Back is the summer and back are the summer hits that smash the blockbuster. This is Marvel’s latest installment and to all you comic book fans out there this is the film you have been waiting for. All those beloved heroes reunited for a loud, filled-with- explosions fight with the evil aliens from another planet. Jam-packed theatre filled with audiences of all ages, popcorn up to the rim, AC at a right temperature and phones on silent, all the variables required for an action adventure flick. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and I was ok with it. You need mindless fun in the cinema at some point; it can’t be serious, sad drama all the time.

And so the star-studded film begins, each ‘avenger’ has chosen a different path, only fun one would be the adored and extra arrogant Iron Man, that Downey Jr. seems to have been born for that role. It fits him so well it would be very odd to see someone else portray Tony Stark as well as he did. Mark Ruffalo takes on Bruce Banner as the Hulk which was a better choice than Edward Norton who sadly played the old Hulk. Not that I have anything against Norton, on the contrary, it was just a poor film that I found very weird he actually agreed to do. Ruffalo plays the awkward repressed role very well and was much more suited for the Hulk role. The star studded list does not end there, with Johansson, Evans, Renner and the rest of the cast, each the same one that had played their parts in separate Marvel movies.

As a plot the story is beyond simple. Loki and his army want to destroy earth and Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson gets the team together to make the world safer and a better place… you get the picture. The twist here is that Loki is Thor’s brother and so we have that angle that adds to the ever so complex story line. The lines are as cheesy as ever and the delivery at times even cheesier, but like I said from the beginning this is what the movie aims to do and on that front it delivers. The chemistry between the cast surprisingly works and although the film is a tad too long (142 minutes to be exact) I did find that a few scenes literally made me laugh out loud. All the banter and the egos are taken to another level,  as each of ‘heroes’ possess their own strength and watching them try to outdo the rest makes for a fun visual experience.

At the end of the day it is exactly what you expect it to be, don’t go in there if you are expecting something deep and meaningful, this is what summer blockbuster hits are all about. This is what kids flock to the cinema to see and wait for year in and year out. So to that the director Joss Whedon delivers to the tee. I am an extremely picky individual when it comes to film but I was the one who decided to watch this film so my review is based on the expectation that I set for myself at that moment in time. An action adventure fit for the summer, fun, filled with eye candy and an easy way to spend a couple of hours. So for that genre and for that mindset alone I believe The Avengers deserve the mass credit they are receiving, so there you get a 7/10 for that.
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