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Sula Powell: Final submissions
April 15, 2016
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I am free — FINALLY —  or ‘Khalas’ if I really must show off my amazingly basic Arabic I have sluggishly learnt (or in reality rather embarrassingly, continuously mispronounced with my unrefined Scottish accent) over the two years! I can now at last, openly exercise the given gift of freewill as well as clear my laptop of all those coursework draft folders.

It really messes with my slight OCD and obsession where I only allow having an odd number of folders on the desktop.

My final coursework task was submitted last week. However it was almost very much

un-submitted and thrown down the ‘garbage chute’ along with my mental and very testing laptop which engages in restart operations during every crucial submission. I was forced to stay up until 2am fiercely editing and dissecting the word count because yet again I was 2,000 words over the limit. In my eyes I feel the exceeded word limit should be to an extent, overlooked as quite simply they are lucky I put in so much effort because I absolutely do not do it for the good of my own health.

The last submission was for the Business Entities class or in layman’s terms it is known as Partnership Law (or from my perspective it should be renamed Boring). This was a mandatory subject for me in the Dubai campus whereas in Edinburgh I would have partaken in an Entrepreneurship class, which is extremely annoying and unfair as I know I would most definitely do a lot better and actually pass. I am far more interested in learning the fundamentals of Entrepreneurial ways than the never ending and somewhat contradictory sections incorporated under the statute Partnership Act 1890!

Although I am aware and know in the long run studying at the Dubai campus will undoubtedly serve me well for the future, I am just exceedingly glad and eternally thankful I declined all the university offers I originally submitted to study an actual degree in Business Law. I simply cannot override the minute stress of one law class per semester never mind a four-year degree.

I also ventured to Dubai Mall for the first time in a long while. The new taxi situation and its change of location from the main entrance really, really riles me and my legs cannot withstand the long, nauseating queue either and I certainly will not even consider the mere fact of using the metro as we all know by now how much the two hour journey drains me! My friend’s partner was visiting Dubai and seeing as though we are obsessed with PF Chang’s we were super eager to introduce him to their Dynamite Shrimp. We secretly just really desired and needed a day off from cooking in the dorm’s kitchen. I always, without fail purchase a Ben’s Cookie when I am in that area of the mall, I like to think of it as a light dessert. Just make sure you request the cookie is fresh from the oven as it ensures the chocolate inside is extra gooey!

Whilst at the mall I eventually decided to go and inquire about the XLine Dubai zip line. I have been desperate to try it, that and the sky dive over the Palm are two things on my Dubai bucket list. I must do them before I leave otherwise it is simply just a very good excuse for a holiday! I very maturely prepared myself in advance for the expense, however I was not expecting to be told 600 Dirhams (and because I still convert EVERYTHING the thought of spending £115 nearly induced a dizzy turn) as for me, that is two weeks worth of a Spinneys food shop.

I did debate for a while and equally evaluate the pros and cons, but concluded starving myself for two weeks just to enjoy the once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the flying fox over the Dubai Fountains with the Burj Khalifa in the background was inevitably dangerous. I do also become extremely grumpy and unproductive when I am hungry. I am positive the zip line is now closed so I missed my chance, maybe next year?
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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