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Sula Powell: The inner circle
May 27, 2016
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My two weeks work experience sadly went by so incredibly fast. The main downside of that was it ensured exams were even closer, and when you have not started to revise two weeks before the start dates the panic and stress is overwhelming. I would honestly rather proof read a further 100 magazines cover to cover than sit exams like Operations Management and Partnership Law (the Partnership Act 1890 really ought to have stayed in that era and refrain from harassing me with its existence and 50 nauseating sections).

By the second week of ‘working’ I began to feel like an actual employee — I had my own email address which people actually messaged me on. Yes, I felt important seeing my name on the CC section along with my boss and the head stylist. People also called my personal desk phone, sadly my telephone voice is ridiculous, although I’m almost positive I was prank called a few times — I think it is perhaps customary when you are the new girl. I also made lots of friends (very cliché and cringe I know, but I prefer the term networking) in the office. I liked being invited for lunch or receiving slices of cake whenever there was a birthday — I think that is when you know you are part of the office clique and no longer the loner intern.

My utmost favourite part of the experience — hopefully you can detect a sense of sarcasm here — was the bag full of freebies I received on my last day. The bag I received them in was a Tiffany blue colour, which left me feeling overly enthusiastic and wide eyed in anticipation, but that excitement was swiftly cut short on inspection, sadly no 18K gold heart pendants within.

The ‘office mummy’ really did look after me like I was her own child — potentially because it meant when she was teaching me things she was able to refrain from doing her own work. If you know me, you will understand how obsessed with skin and makeup I am, so you can imagine the joy on my face when I received lip liners and SPF50 for my face — I am very easily pleased when it comes to anything beauty related!

In all seriousness, being professional and setting aside the freebies, my most enjoyable task was researching and preparing presentations for clients; the Tinie Tempah and Coach collaboration was my favourite (the rest I am sworn to secrecy)! I also loved learning about the importance of strategically placing advertisements in the magazine. I now very much understand why Cartier or Rolex always have a ‘front cover gate fold.’ Like a true nerd I jotted down every piece of magazine jargon in my diary.

However, I absolutely did not enjoy attending shoots outside in desert like locations accompanied by the 44 degrees heat and no shade. I curse myself now for wearing a vest, racer back tan lines will never look good nor be acceptable. My back is currently an embarrassing amalgamation of caramel, olive and off white shades. However, focusing on the positives, I was in charge of guarding all our supplies — that meant the Spinneys picnic and Jimmy Choo shoes, what more could I possibly want?

My other least favourite job was proof reading the magazines, cover to cover, word for word and space-to-space, I genuinely did convince myself I was cross-eyed afterwards. The editors also hate their mistakes being highlighted, hence the reason no one wants to proof read, so I was most definitely not favoured when I realised a couple of errors.

I did feel it was necessary to point out a very obvious printing error where Kendal Jenner’s name did not in fact start with a ‘K’…

I have always said I love to work, but for some reason every day after work for the two weeks, all I wanted to do was eat crisps (I blame everything on the heat). When I say crisps I absolutely mean a family size bag to myself. Afterwards I always sat thinking is it now too late to get ‘cut’ for summer and is working really worth gaining weight — luckily I love some fasted cardio!
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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