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Still Clueless what went on behind the Sept.11 attacks
By Musa Keilani March 21, 2010
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Revelations that the US administration of George W Bush opposed any deep scrutiny of a commission charged with investigating the Sept.11, 2001 “suicide hijackings” have revived disturbing questions that do have a logical answer except that there could have been “inside” involvement in the well-planned attacks.

According to a document recently obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), then attorney general John Ashcroft, then defence secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and then Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director George J. Tenet had asked David Addington, then-counsel to former vice-president Dick Cheney to stay away from any bid to question “terrorist” detainees. 

A letter to this effect signed by the three and sent by fax to Addington was obtained by the ACLU. The letter said that the commision would “cross” a “line” and would be obstructing the administration’s ability to protect the country.

“In response to the commission’s expansive requests for access to secrets, the executive branch has provided such access in full co-operation,” the letter read. “There is, however, a line that the commission should not cross - the line separating the commission’s proper inquiry into the Sept.11, 2001 attacks from interference with the government’s ability to safeguard the national security, including protection of Americans from future terrorist attacks.” 

“The commission staff’s proposed participation in questioning of detainees would cross that line,” the document said. “As the officers of the United States responsible for the law enforcement, defence and intelligence functions of the government, we urge your commission not to further pursue the proposed request to participate in the questioning of detainees.”

Thus the administration’s refusal to allow the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States led to major shortcomings in the panel’s final findings. 

The general feeling was that there was something somewhere seriously wrong and that the general public - Americans as well as others around the world - were not really told of the real truths behind the Sept.11 attacks. 

The commission did find that CIA operatives “destroyed” tapes of interrogation of “terror” suspects and harshly criticised the agency.

Some analysts suggest that the tapes were destroyed because the Bush administration wanted to keep its torture of some suspects a secret and now allow the inquiry commission to reach any independent conclusion that the CIA was resorting to torturing the detainees in violation of US law. 

However, that conclusion is short sighted. The statements of some of the suspects in custody could have even undermined the theory that agents of Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network had planned and carried out the Sept.11 attacks on their own and there was no “inside” help available to them. 

Many questions remain seeking an answer, foremost of which is: How the hijacking of the four planes did not draw any response from the air defence forces of the US until the first aircraft hit one of the two the World Trade Centre towers, some 47 minutes after it took off from Boston and deviated sharply away from the pre-charted course? 

The immediate answer was that the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) was informed in advance there were to be mock hijackings as part of air exercises on that day and NORAD was not to take any action. According to reports, NORAD did receive indications of nearly 20 such “mock hijackings” on Sept.11, but did not take any action. Who was directly in charge of the air exercises under a decision taken by Bush a few months earlier? Dick Cheney, who served as Bush’s vice-president. Among the many other questions are:

How the authorities were able to identify the purported hijackers whose names did not appear in the passenger manifests? 

How did the passport of one of the purported hijackers appear near the World Trade Centre?

How the authorities were able to find the hijacker’s cars at the airports so quickly after the attacks? 

How seven of those named by the authorities and supposed to have died in the attacks were found to have been in the Middle East region on Sept.11? Why would the “suicide” hijackers buy tickets for flights after Sept.11? Why would the hijackers, who were supposed to have been devout Muslims, frequent bars and drink alcohol? 

Who were the five Israelis who were seen to have set up a television camera on a van aimed at the twin towers and celebrating when the first plane struck? Why were they released and allowed to fly to Israel without the findings of their interrogation being made public? (According to the Jewish weekly The Forward the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) discovered that at least two of the detained Israelis were agents working for Israel’s Mossad secret agency. The company which supposedly employed the five was New Jersey-based Urban Moving Systems, whose owner Israeli owner, Dominick Suter, abandoned his business and fled the country for Israel in an abrupt manner. According to a report, Suter left “behind coffee cups, sandwiches, cell phones and computers strewn on office tables and thousands of dollars of goods in storage. Suter was later placed on the same FBI suspect list as 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta and other hijackers and suspected Al Qaeda sympathisers, suggesting that US authorities felt Suter may have known something about the attacks). 

Indeed, there are many other questions are still demanding answers. The net picture that emerges today is that the possibility could not be ruled out that someone deep inside the US establishment with authority and influence was involved in the planning and execution of the Sept.11 attacks against the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC as well as the hijacking and crashing of a passenger airline in Philadelphia on the same day. 

It also appears that someone has carefully masked the trail, making it impossible for anyone to work out what exactly happened on Sept.11 and who pulled the strings behind the attacks. 

We can only hope that someone who might want to open up in his or her deathbed would provide a clue that would unveil what went on behind the scenes leading to the Sept.11 attacks and the effort that went into sealing off the truth. 

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