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Dhs300,000 robbed in chilli attack
by HAMZA M. SENGENDO September 13, 2018
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DUBAI: A gang knocked a company employee’s speeding vehicle, sprayed him with chilli and decamped with his boss’s Dhs293,539, a jury heard on Wednesday.

An Asian driver, 30, was hauled into the Dubai Criminal Court on suspicion he with the help of fugitive accomplices rammed a getaway car into the company vehicle at a junction in Jebel Ali on Jul.22.

He stepped out of the car and started apologising to the employee to distract him while gang members opened his vehicle’s door, removed the cash, placed it in another getaway car and drove off.

The Nepalese employee, 44, had been commissioned by his boss to deliver the cash from the company’s shopping store in Abu Dhabi to the headquarters in Jebel Ali, prosecutors told the Criminal Court.

The gang tailed him from Abu Dhabi. He tried to stop them from taking the money. They punched him and sprayed his eyes with chilli. The driver confessed. The court adjourned the case till Sept.26 to find him a lawyer.

The employee revealed he had for three years been transferring money on various occasions from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. “I was driving when a car suddenly hit my vehicle from the left side,” he explained.

“I held the wheel firmly, controlled the vehicle and pulled over. I was talking to the driver when another car arrived. Its inhabitants beat me, sprayed me with chilli and sped away with the bag of money.”

During police and prosecution questioning, the driver confessed and revealed that a mastermind who was aware of the employee’s movements summoned them for a meeting inside a flat in Abu Dhabi.

“I was driving at around 70 km/h when a gang member told me to knock the employee’s vehicle. I received a Dhs10,000 share which I wired to my homeland,” the defendant allegedly explained.

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