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Cancer calling
Your friendly astrologer Mel July 12, 2018
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Another new moon hits the shores this week and it’s none other than Cancer! It means that the emotions centralize around family, so there is a lot of caring and nurturing put into matters. There’s also a lot of crankiness that comes from insecurities and fear. The maternal instinct is strong, so the rules and regulations can take a backseat for now. The New Moon brings new beginnings and for some it may be favorable, while for others it can be challenging. The New moon is further empowered by the Sun in Cancer and a direct-moving Jupiter in Scorpio. It is encouraged by Venus in Virgo and adopting change surely and supportively by Uranus in Taurus. There’s a lot going for this New Moon so let’s find out which zodiac sign benefits what from this luminary beginning.

TIP OF THE WEEKThe New Moon in Cancer advises us to be nurturing, caring and protecting of ourselves, loved ones and all others. It’s time to let the emotions be given a voice. Stay nurtured and nourished!

 March 21
April 20
The New Moon is a new beginning for home and family matters. While this is personally challenging for your fiery, free and independent nature, it is a calling that care, and protection are essential for everyone’s wellbeing, including your own. Your family demands more of your time and attention and rightfully so. This new beginning is good for your change in personal finances, for your financial increment or promotion at work and for joint financial ventures. The root of all this goodness begins at home, with family so, give them your time, your attention and make the necessary changes.
 April 21
May 20
The New Moon calls for new, supportive beginnings related to your current environment, with those around, your education and short trips. It shows you that your siblings and others around are caring and protective of you and your ideas. So, go ahead and communicate what’s on your mind. You are feeling the change within and this period will help you voice out your care and concern. It will also urge you to pursue educational courses or go on short journeys that involve your family. The new beginning empowers your communicative identity and is encouraged by love and financial support from your special other and from children or a creative venture.
 May 21
June 20
The New Moon in Cancer hails a new financial period for you that advises you to protect, nurture and secure your personal financials. You are seeking material security and this period invokes the “luck” you seek. Your financial needs are supported by home and family (which can be challenging for you) as well as from your work and other passionate colleagues who want to see you get your financial feet back on the ground. Someone from the past or a private acquaintance or spiritual guide helps you too. It’s a good period for securing your personal financials so get going to meet those financial well-wishers and advisors that get you back on your financial track.
 June 21
July 20
The New Moon in your own sign ushers in an empowering period of promotion and self-exhilaration. You are in power and you are advised to handle this period wisely and well. Your identity and emotional stance will be well received should you showcase it during this phase. Other planetary support such as financials and affection from those around, your siblings are also on the agenda as is the passion of a special other and/or your children. Help from organizations, friends, acquaintances and social groups are also forthcoming for this New Moon energy that boosts and enhances your persona. So, make this a spectacular beginning for you for all the right reasons.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The New Moon has new beginnings for you and it is related to your rest and retreat from the outer world. This is the time to pursue spiritual studies and to nurture your self – physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the period where silence is golden. Your personal resources and assets allow you the sanctuary you seek during this phase, while changes in home, family also support this new need. Professional changes, although very challenging for you, add tranquility to your need for confinement. However, if you are very resistant then negative confinements may surface to correct your path.
 Aug 21
The New Moon brings new supportive beginnings for you via your social contacts, groups, organizations, friends and acquaintances. This is a great period to reap the rewards of socializing. Others are interested in nurturing your dream goals and aspirations. Wishes are likely to come true. With the support from your attractive aura, socializing is made more effective for you. Similarly, changes related to overseas matters, foreign media matters and higher education are beneficial for your social rendezvous as they introduce you to new circles of people, in sync with your goals.
The New Moon brings new changes that challenge your current profession and public status. Welcome the change, even if you don’t see eye to eye for now as this profession seeks to nurture and protect you in the long run, expanding your personal financials and supporting positive changes to joint finances while encouraging your private financial and other liaisons that can be beneficial for you – just be sure they are not illusions or mirages. The changes for home and family may take a backseat as the focus is now on your profession.
The New Moon is favorable for new beginnings related to overseas, higher education, in-law matters and foreign media. This is a promotional period that is packed with planetary support which is your own need to expand and relocate as well as the financial support from social groups, friends, acquaintances and other organizations. Considering the ground-breaking changes beginning to take place in your relationship, legally or otherwise, this period mellows your partner, business and/or personal, for matters favored by the new moon. So, begin anew, find your roots and family, across the seas.
The New Moon indicates that there are new beginnings for matters related to joint financial ventures that seek to protect, nurture and nourish you. It is often family-related. This energy is further supported by financials related to professional changes as well as by your work, health, colleagues or even matters in some way or the other connected to your animal family. Joint financial ventures encourage you to expand your inner horizon and to remain silent to the outer world as you work on the framework before publicizing it. This may be secretive, but you are in the mood for retreat and silence and this should work for you. Just don’t fall for deceptions.
The New Moon in Cancer calls for new beginnings in your significant relationship that involve a personal and/or business partner. Legal issues may surface that call for your attention. This time, your partner is stronger, so the other party may be favored. If you work on nurturing and protecting your relationship, then you are helped by those overseas; supported in a passionate way by friends, acquaintances and your kindred groups. Changes in your attitude to romance, children, creative pursuits and recreational needs may endear your partnership further or put the right one on your path, if single. So, let the old go and begin anew.
The New Moon calls for new beginnings related to work, health, routines, colleagues and your animal companions/family. It is a time to nurture and protect those at work. You are likely to get a better job, get a promotion, find good employees (if you are an employer), change your schedules to add more value time to home and family and treat your colleagues as family too. This new energy is given support from your need for professional expansion and relocation which are currently challenging; new joint financial ventures and the new, sudden changes taking place with home and family. Begin a new vocation and be of service – to nurture and protect the self, others, and your work.
The New Moon is favorable energy for you to begin new beginnings related to romance, children, creative ventures and recreational activity. This is a wonderful time to bond with your special other and your children or be creative. This new beginning is supported by your partner – financially and emotionally as well as by those around, your siblings, short trips and all manner of communication. It is also promoted by those overseas – you could be in the news for all the right reasons. You are a favorite and are pampered. So, unwind, relax and enjoy love and life — it’s a new beginning to nurture these gifts.

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