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Emily Roberts: Good parenting isn’t sexist
“He’s a very hands-on dad,” observed a middle aged woman in a pub where we were having dinner, “It’s so lovely to see.” We smiled politely as she cooed over our son and my husband, who had picked up four-week-old Freddie to comfort his crying as I tucked into my food. But really I should have corrected her – my husband is not a ‘hands-on dad’ at all. He’s just a dad. I hate the expression. It implies firstly that for a man to
Mark Dearn: TTIP trade deal with Trump will endanger NHS
With Theresa May indicating that Britain’s future lies outside the EU single market and Donald Trump signalling his desire for a quick US-UK trade deal, the likelihood of a future deal with America has shot up the agenda. But, in line with Barack Obama’s warning, the “back of the queue” may be the best place when it comes to a deal with Trump’s America. Let’s not forget the USA is the UK’s most important “single country” trading
John M. Crisp: Getting ready for a different kind of president
On Jan. 20, we will inaugurate Donald Trump as our 45th president. Please note that I’m using the pronoun “our.” I didn’t support Donald Trump. But immediately after his election, I made in writing the same concession that his opponent Hillary Clinton made, and that President Barack Obama made a few days later in the White House: Donald Trump won the election and that means he will be the next president of the entire country.
Satyajit Das: Why people believe the WEF is out of touch
Each year in late January, around 2,000 of the globe’s leaders – politicians, bureaucrats, business representatives and public intellectuals – make the annual pilgrimage to the Swiss town of Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF). The attendees fly in, many in private jets leading to competition for landing spots. Located in the German-speaking eastern part of Switzerland, Davos was the setting of Thomas Mann’s The Magic
Ben Chu: How to spot health scare stories
What makes a good health scare? Three essential ingredients. First, there has to be something mundane that lots of ordinary people do, and preferably enjoy doing. Second, there has to be a nasty disease, or a frightening health condition. Third, the word “causes” must appear. A big scare last week concerned Nutella, with reports that the processed palm oil used in the production of the hazelnut spread might be carcinogenic.
Veronica Chambers: Michelle Obama’s lessons about composing a life
One of the books that I remember most vividly from my college years was Mary Catherine Bateson’s “Composing a Life.” Bateson, the daughter of legendary anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, posited in her book that life is “an improvisational art at every age.” I thought of Bateson’s book a lot as I spent the last year compiling a collection of essays about the legacy of our most recent first lady. Because at the
Bollywood actor Salman Khan acquitted in Arms Act case
JODHPUR: Bollywood actor Salman Khan was on Wednesday acquitted by a c..
Added : 21 minutes ago
Tennis: Wawrinka recovers poise with classy win
MELBOURNE: Stan Wawrinka got his Australian Open campaign back on trac..
Added : 1 hour ago
China tells local meteorological bureaus to stop smog alerts
BEIJING: China is suspending local meteorological bureaus from issuing..
Added : 1 hour ago
Czech fugitive wanted for spreading HIV held in Thailand
BANGKOK: A Czech fugitive wanted in his homeland for knowingly spreadi..
Added : 1 hour ago
'Japan will work to minimise Brexit impact on Japan firms'
TOKYO: Japan will work with Britain and the European Union to minimise..
Added : 2 hours ago
Zuckerberg denies stealing Oculus technology
NEW YORK: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied the allegations of s..
Added : 2 minutes ago
Gigi Hadid sparks engagement speculations
LOS ANGELES: Model Gigi Hadid has sparked speculations that she may ha..
Added : 1 hour ago
Australia on the defensive offers hope of new MH370 hunt
MELBOURNE: Australia’s transport minister Wednesday defended the suspe..
Added : 2 hours ago
Trump team takes out inaugural ads on social media
WASHINGTON: Donald Trump has been tweeting that his inauguration will ..
Added : 2 hours ago
Australia names first indigenous minister
SYDNEY: Australia on Wednesday appointed its first indigenous minister..
Added : 3 hours ago
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