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Robert Fisk: Moro massacre: A PR disaster
I don’t know what the people of Barcelona think about Trump’s demented and repulsive tale of bullets and pig’s blood – but I know what Mark Twain would have said. He was the finest American political writer of his time — perhaps of all time — and he wrote with bitterness, sarcasm and disgust about the US military’s war crimes in the Philippines in 1906. No doubt Trump would have approved of them. As so often, there’s no proof — an
Andrew Buncombe: Donald Trump no longer needs Steve Bannon’s help
Let the dust settle for the finer details to emerge. Let the fog clear for the competing explanations to drip out. In the midst of a midday drama, we know Steve Bannon is out of the White House and we know he is not going back. Some reports say he was fired, others that he quit two week ago. But consider this: it may be that Donald Trump decided he should go, and that Bannon agreed to the decision, because they both knew his work
Daphna Nachminovitch: When shelters are too full, where do animals go?
A TV news report described it as a “horror scene”: dozens of dead and dying cats at the home of a self-described “rescue” in Lutz, Florida. A woman who went there to retrieve her cat tearfully described seeing other cats’ skeletal remains and bodies crawling with maggots. This case is not unique — other recent incidents include a “rescue” in Kentucky at which more than 40 dogs were crammed into faeces-strewn cages along with trash
Christine Flowers: Conservatives are not rooting for racists to win
Aren’t you tired of pretending that you understand the pain of the person who just called you a fascist bigot? Haven’t you had enough of those “Kumbaya” moments where you “agree to disagree,” which is code for “F-U, leave me alone, I want to go eat my dinner.” I know that I’m supposed to write some kind of solemn, wise dissertation this week on how we need to move forward, bond together and follow the better angels of our nature
Mary Dejevsky: United Ireland, only solution to Brexit
If you found the UK Government’s first Brexit “position paper” on avoiding a “cliff-edge” in trade borderline delusional, just try the second, on Northern Ireland. A lot of Irish magic will be needed if the proposals set out there are going to have any chance of success. Three policies have commanded particular attention. On trade, most exchanges between Northern Ireland and the Republic would be regarded as local, and nothing to
Sean O’Grady: Sir Bruce Forsyth, a national treasure
Brucie, as we knew him, was unusual in having a Guinness Book of Records category basically invented for him — longest career ever as a male presenter. This roughly followed the reign of Elizabeth II, his contemporary. So from grainy black and white images on 1950s television sets fashioned to look like cocktail cabinets to YouTube clips viewed on smartphones, Brucie was hardly off our screens. Indeed he was keen to point out that
V Nagarajan: Compensation for delay in apartment projects as per new RERA regulations
I have paid initial amount for buying an apartment with a developer in Chennai. He is yet to develop it even though three years have lapsed since payment. With the new Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) Act in place, can I hope that he will complete it in the committed time now? Can I seek remedy or compensation through RERA now? Please advise. R Thyagarajan, Dubai. The Tamil Nadu RERA rules have come into force on June 22. Ongoing
Parents pose for ‘newborn’ photoshoot with 21-year-old son
WASHINGTON: Whether they’re artfully curled up in pea pods Anne Geddes..
Added : 5 hours ago
Israel police kill Palestinian in West Bank
TEL AVIV: A Palestinian was killed by Israeli border guard in the occu..
Added : 6 hours ago
Abu Dhabi Police arrest woman drug dealer
ABU DHABI: In a special operation called “The Trap," Abu Dhabi Police ..
Added : 8 hours ago
US Central Command chief visits Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: The chief of the US Central Command visited Pakistan on Sat..
Added : 8 hours ago
Fierce clashes rock Palestinian camp in Lebanon
SIDON (Lebanon): Palestinian security forces on Saturday battled radic..
Added : 8 hours ago
Sheikh Mohammed attends Endurance Cup
Added : 8 hours ago
Daesh claims attacks in Spain, Russia
BEIRUT: The Daesh group on Saturday claimed responsibility for deadly ..
Added : 9 hours ago
Teen’s photo goes viral after she brings baby brother into classroom
WASHINGTON: A 17-year-old girl’s Snapchat post went viral after she sh..
Added : 9 hours ago
India rail accident kills 10, says official
EW DELHI: At least 10 people were killed on Saturday and 150 injured w..
Added : 9 hours ago
Glamorgan great Shepherd dies aged 90
LONDON: Glamorgan great Don Shepherd has died aged 90, the Welsh count..
Added : 9 hours ago
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