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Sagittarius sparkles
Your friendly astrologer Mel December 06, 2018
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It’s New Moon time again! Time to begin anew. The sign’s energy, Sagittarius, is highly optimistic, gregarious and carefree! With the Sun, Jupiter and the New Moon in this fun-loving sign, the goodwill is bound to spread and affect all, even the conservatives. Mercury turns direct in Scorpio for this entire week before it moves into Sagittarius which means clearing out all the deep and dark secrets before finally allowing truth to color all communication. Let’s find out how these shifts affect the zodiac signs.

TIP OF THE WEEKThe New Moon encourages new emotional beginnings that seek truth, freedom and expansion. No matter what you pursue or do, imbibe these values to make the most of this vibrant energy! Forge ahead, expand and begin anew!

 March 21
April 20
The New Moon lights up the spheres of overseas, higher education, in-laws and foreign media. This is your period to travel, expand and begin anew on distant shores. The energy of Sagittarius loves you and promotes you – promising big things! So, pack your bags and fly away. The New Moon inspires your every move and mood. You may also go ahead with joint financial ventures now that Mercury has turned direct, enabling you to unravel secrets and dig deeper for truth and transformation. This is also the time to talk partnerships with your significant other, business and/or personal as things will move forward. These two spheres occupy your week so give them all your complete attention and take the next step forward for any of the above.
 April 21
May 20
The New Moon lights up your sphere that relates to joint financial ventures and legal matters associated with partnerships. It’s time to bring things out in the open, find truth, freedom and expansion. You may feel the thrill to take financial risks with a partner that earlier had you thinking and hesitating. This energy boosts your partnerships so if you are seeking new partnerships, now’s the time to begin anew. The Mercury retrograde has ended which means you can go ahead having those deep talks with your significant other that may involve a commitment or even a break-up.
 May 21
June 20
The New Moon is the beginning of a brand, new relationship for you or the end of an old one. You may renew your vows to your significant other, whether officially or not. This is the opposition and it is strong so the current will take you along and try not to resist or fight it. It’s an energetic current that seeks truth. You’ll have to learn to speak it and live it, if you are to be free. Mercury turns direct encouraging you to discuss/ communicate on matters that involve work, health, daily routines, animals, and colleagues. It is just for this week alone, so, make the most in your communications. The next week Mercury will move back into Sagittarius taking the talk to a different zone.
 June 21
July 20
The New Moon revs up the energy for your work, health, in daily routines, for animals and colleagues. You are on fire just don’t overdo the optimism or blind faith. Especially, watch your health as your eating habits of gourmet food may skyrocket, not a healthy sign, long-term. So, look after your health especially during this period. Also, look after your work. You are likely to get a promotion, a raise, or even a new working environment that may involve overseas. It’s a new beginning for work, in health, daily routines, animals, and with colleagues. Mercury turning direct invites you to discuss/communicate on that deep level with your loved ones.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The New Moon brings favorable new beginnings your way in relation to romance, children, recreation and creative pursuits. This buoyant period will raise your spirits and stir your feelings. You are on a quest to expand and love knows no bounds. Your children are doing great and you begin to feel on top of the world! This is a great energy to get your creative juices flowing! Begin anew. Take a long holiday and enjoy! Meanwhile, Mercury turning direct advises you to be sensitive in your communication with those at home. Do your utmost to be sensitive and deep in your exchanges with loved ones especially during this week.
 Aug 21
The New Moon brings new beginnings to home and family life. This may be challenging but the changes you make will be for the better. The energy asks that you shift out of your comfort zone and expand; take risks. It is best not to resist or retort/criticize. The expansion brings optimism and confidence. With the Sun and Jupiter joining forces along with the Moon, you are likely to expect the peak of change and exuberance. Take the chance. Make the change. Travel far and wide. Relocation is on the charts. Mercury turns direct advising that you go ahead with communication and commutation related to current environment, with those around, siblings, for education and short trips for this week. Hurry!
The New Moon energy brings supportive new beginnings for matters related to your current environment, with those around, siblings, education and short trips. This season is filled with opportunities that wait to benefit you. So, communicate and commute on a wide scale during this season and for the coming 12 months. It’s a fruitful period for you so make the most of it. Mercury turns direct for a week to advise you to go ahead with communication related to your personal finances. This is the time for full and final exchanges that are deep and meaningful, encouraging you to raise your financial standards and values, literally and figuratively.
The New Moon calls for new beginnings for personal finances and resources. This is your time to expand and establish the self financially. You need to watch out even as you embark on your financial journey, taking risks that is not in your stride. With the Sun and Jupiter in combination with the New Moon, this is a peak financial period for you so, make the most of it. Mercury moves direct in your sign for this week indicating that you go ahead with your personal communication. Say what you have to say or write and be done with it! With Venus also in your sign, make it loving and caring and fill your words with passion.
The New Moon in your own sign urges you to make new, personal beginnings. This is your peak time to promote yourself. The Sun and Jupiter along with the Moon encourage you to be your best. You have tremendous support and a lot of approval especially from those overseas. You are no longer in the shadows. The opposite may hold true for some of you but please try to be constructive for your sake – you aren’t going to regret it! Mercury turns direct urging you to seek deep, inner truth; expose secrets and finally walk free – back into the world.
The New Moon advises you new beginnings of rest and retreat. You need your own time to enjoy your solitude and bask in the joy of being you. There is a whole, new spiritual world waiting for you to walk in and learn. This is your period, your time. Make it private. Some of you may be drawn to overseas or higher education. Go for it – just so it keeps you in your inner world. Others may be lured with big promises from those overseas and may want to take short cuts but hold on and study the offers that come your way. Mercury turns direct for this week advising you to come out in the open in social venues. Communicate. Socialize. Exchange. Kindred souls are waiting to hear from you.
The New Moon calls for new beginnings that support and encourage you. You may begin anew in your social area that involve kindred groups, goals, organizations, friends and acquaintances. This is a powerful and positive period to socialize. So, go ahead and entertain or participate in social venues. Your humanitarianism is expanding, and friendships forged overseas become a boon to you. Refresh your ideals and social goals. Mercury turns direct for this one week in a sphere that involves profession and public matters. It may be a challenging and hectic week in the communication department, but you need to make changes, professionally and publicly.
The New Moon in Sagittarius calls for brand, new beginnings related to profession and public status. This is an optimistic and enthusiastic period, urging you to expand and promote your professional self, overseas. However, you need to be wary as this energy is testing you for truth and anything less than that will see your downfall, professionally and in the eyes of the public. So, be careful how you handle your business ventures and seek truth, always. It’s a strong period but could work for you or against you, in a big way. Mercury turns direct for one week encouraging you to communicate and commute with those overseas, for higher education and foreign media. You have 1 week, make the most of it in your communication department.

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