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Driver jailed for overcharging fuel card
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO November 11, 2017
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DUBAI: A transport company bus driver, who connived with four refueling stations’ workers to overcharge the company and embezzle the difference, has been punished with two workers.

The Pakistani driver, 35, appeared at the Criminal Court on May 21 with two of the sixteen workers -both Nepalese, 31 and 32. Eleven Nepalese, two Indian and a Sri Lankan worker went on the run.

Both convicted workers were charged with counterfeiting 136 receipts belonging to the petroleum company, storing fake data in the company’s e-system, using it and aiding the driver bilk his employer.

The driver embezzled his employer’s Dhs34,364, signed the receipts bearing counterfeit data, used them and aided the workers charge higher amounts to the transport company‘s prepaid card.

The Criminal Court jailed the driver and both workers for one year and a Dhs50,000 fine each to be followed by deportation. The Appeals Court has upheld the ruling, but rectified the fine to Dhs34,364.

The driver had been tasked with transporting a national airline’s employees between their accommodation and the airport and handed a prepaid diesel fuel card of a Dhs8,000 monthly value.

Workers would refill the 67-passenger bus with fuel, enter higher amounts in the system and give the driver the difference in cash. The driver would take 80 per cent of the embezzled sum.

The company’s audit section examined the bus’s annual fuel consumption rate and discovered the fraud. During workplace interrogations, the driver revealed he masterminded the fraud between Jan.1 and Dec.28.2016.

In Al Qusais Police Station records, the driver reportedly narrated that he drove to a refueling station in Al Twar in December 2015. The station’s worker filled his tank with diesel worth Dhs400.

“I handed him the card to deduct the sum then I proposed to him to deduct an additional Dhs100 so that we share it together. I offered to give him 20 per cent. He accepted and deducted Dhs500.

“We agreed to do the same on the next occasions. I would go there after every three days. His workmate also welcomed the deal. I frequented three other stations and their workers also accepted.”

During police, prosecution questionings both workers testified against the driver. In court they said they would deduct an additional Dhs100 and hand it to the driver of which he would reward them with Dhs20. They and the driver begged the jury for mercy.

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