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Pisces presents Jupiter retrograde
Your friendly astrologer Mel March 08, 2018
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This week, the planet associated with expanse and relocation, Jupiter, begins its retrograde in Scorpio. This simply means that plans related to expansion and relocation will now be advised to remain on hold or reviewed thoroughly before proceeding further with any implementation. Jupiter in Scorpio is an expansion that involves a lot of secretive liaisons and unions related to personal and financial matters. It involves the fascination with the mysteries of life and death and the lessons that are experienced deeply. It is often considered a beginning after total annihilation. But this transformation is now on hold and matters need to be reviewed. Let’s find out when and how for each sign.

TIP OF THE WEEKJupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio advises taking it easy with passion and power that in some way are related to expansion and relocation. Work at making things simple especially so on the emotional level. Have a reflective week ahead!

 March 21
April 20
For you, it is time to review all expansion and relocation connected with a joint financial venture. So far, the expansion and plans for relocation were in process but now, it may just be too big to handle, and it is time to take a deep, long look at the current financial condition that envelopes you and your partner. Being a Scorpio retrograde, secrets are part of this dilemma and can unnerve you, so it is best to clarify and come out in the open and be sensitive enough to tune into what a financial partner is saying or not saying. Continue to activate your overseas matters for there is good news out there. Promote your messages and your new self but from behind the scenes.
 April 21
May 20
The retrograde for you is centered on your relationship with your significant other. So far things had been moving in an opposite direction for you, but now, the opposition has slowed down to give you time to review and understand the depth and meaning of your current relationship or that of a new one. It gives you an emotional breather and time to catch up. This is good especially as you are in a mood for retreat and rest. Continue with actions and plans related to joint financial ventures even as you get your rest – just don’t go overboard.
 May 21
June 20
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio speaks of you taking a break to realize and understanding your work, your health, animal companions, your routines and your colleagues. This calls for deep retrospection of such matters for the delay is inherent that you may stop and review. So, if things go at snail’s pace in your office, with work, your routines and with matters surrounding your health, that with companion animals and colleagues, get down to matching the pace and tune in to being sensitive to the energies that seem not to say anything. They are speaking volumes, really! You need to review your relocation and expansion related to these matters. This break gives you time to focus on an active partnership – a significant one and find balance.
 June 21
July 20
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio advises you to take it easy with the passion and play related to romance, with children, recreation and creative pursuits. You need to unwind and release that high energy that could be tiring you out! It is also time to review the expansion and relocation plans associated with these matters. Overseas matters will continue to aid you in these spheres of life but for now the action is focused on work, health matters, daily routines and animal companions while profession is also taking up your time and attention, calling for change.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio gives you a breather from expansion and relocation related to home and family. So far, this has been on the agenda and has been quite a challenge but now is the time to review and reflect on the need for expansion and relocation related to home and family. As it is Scorpio, you will need to tune in deeper to the feelings of those at home and not accept things at face value. There is a lot churning inside and by that it means in your home and within you, emotionally speaking. Better to be active with loved ones, take a break, be creative or involve in recreational activities — it brings out the best in you! Likewise, overseas during this time does too!
 Aug 21
Jupiter’s retrograde sojourn in Scorpio beginning this week is an indication that you need to take a break from involvement with those around, your current environment, education and short trips. This is the time to reflect and review your thoughts, messages and any other form of communication and commutation that involves relocation and expansion. Your partner may be able to help you through this period as the focus is on relationships. Take it easy emotionally when it is home and family especially as actions are needed to be taken and changes to be made. Continue to work on and out solutions related to joint financial ventures.
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio indicates a period of reflection and review for your personal finances. The expansion and relocation related to these matters need further understanding and budgeting. You need to look deeper into your personal resources to understand how far you can go with expansion and relocation. During this period that can evoke uncertainty for your material security, it is best to actively engage with those around, take short trips, take up an educational course or take a holiday with your siblings for these activities boost you and your personal relationship positively. It’s a tough call for home and family matters so give yourself time to think and be happy.
The Jupiter retrograde in one’s own sign indicates a sign that says “slow down” on your personal expansion and relocation plans. It is the time to meditate and reflect on your personal life and plans. This is not the ideal period to expand or relocate – wait for a better date (post July 10th). Focus on love and recreation may ease any worry or uncertainty for now. It is better to play active role in your personal finances, resources and beliefs as well as values that instill a strong sense of self and security. Work continues to be hectic with promise of higher income and more interaction as well as change.
The Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio indicates that you need to slow down mentally, and emotionally. You are tired and need to rest from time to time. Those secretive expansion and relocation plans are magically calling out to you but during this phase that lasts until July 10th, it is best to let such opportunities pass or review them thoroughly before implementation. Instead, your go-getter positive attitude wants you to be physically active and enthusiastic about personal plans which may clash with home and family where changes will be made. But it is time for self to kickstart all over again and to enjoy love and life. Keep the secrets for later.
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio asks you to review all expansion and relocation plans related to social causes and groups. This is a good time to brainstorm your visions and goals with those passionate friends and look deeper into these matters that require more organizations such as your social causes and goals before take-off once again post July 10th. Short trips and siblings bring better opportunities your way as will education. Remember to work actively on matters related to home and family that may need you to restrict and discipline self and make more changes. Also, do get as much rest as possible.
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio calls for slowing down the changes related to expansion and relocation connected to profession and public life. It has been a challenging period for such matters but with the retrograde, things slow down professionally so that you can take stock of the changes you are seeking to make or that new profession you are looking at to make your foray. Whatever your public status, whether it is professional or personal that the world gets to know about, there are challenges for the changes to be made but this time it is about reviewing these matters thoroughly and in great depth. This lasts until July 10th.
Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio indicates that it is time to slow down and review matters related to overseas, higher education, in-laws and foreign media. You may encounter overseas delays in connection to these matters. These delays or disappointments are signs that you need to look beneath the surface and get things organized. Something hidden needs to be brought to light. Expansion and relocation are on the agenda but during this period, it is best to remain where one is for just a little bit longer until July 10th when Jupiter will return to direct mode. For now, turn your focus to personal plans and dreams as well as your personal finances. Profession also takes a lot of your energy and is challenging which, again, means making changes and taking care of your reputation.

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