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Hawkish behaviour and helpless world
By Dr Musa A Keilani June 21, 2010
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THE world order is being changed. International laws, conventions, charters and code of conduct have no relevance. That is what is being established by the way the world is dealing with Israel’s brazen behaviour.

We always knew that Israel never respected international law. Exploiting the European guilt conscience over the Holocaust, Israel made itself an exception to the way it deals with the rest of the world, be it the United Nations or any government or organisation.

It was and is as if the Jews’ claim of being the “chosen people” living in the “promised land” has given them absolute immunity and empowers them to behave in any manner that they find fit.

That is what we saw in Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories which it seized through the use of military force, its refusal to abide by mandatory UN resolutions, its possession of nuclear weapons and its aggressive posture towards its neighbours. Add to that the systematic discrimination it practises against its own Arab citizens.

Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 was only one of many of its violations of international law. It is certain that it would repeat the fete against Iran sooner than later.

The numerous assassinations of Palestinians and other Arabs that Israel has carried out in foreign soil are testimonies to its state-sponsored terrorism.

The inhuman way Israel has been and is treating the Palestinians living under its military occupation shows that it is practising both Nazism of Hitler’s Germany and apartheid of South Africa before the collapse of the white supremacist regime there in the early 90s.

The elections held in 2009 brought in the most hardline government in Israel headed by racists acting as if with a vengeance against the Palestinians. We know that the head of that government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has no intention of making any compromise with the Palestinians and allowing them to create an independent state in the territories that Israel has stolen from them (At the same time, we are also aware that only a hardline Israeli government would be able to make lasting peace with the Palestinians because moderates are a minority in Israel).

Even in the hypothesis of a miraculous turnaround in Netanyahu’s mindset towards a fair and just peace agreement, his allies in the ruling coalition would not allow him to do so and continue to remain in power.

As far as Netanyahu and other hawks are concerned, the Palestinians should be thankful to Israel’s generosity and magnanimity that allow them to live in the West Bank of the River Jordan. Netanyahu and company have no interest in reoccupying Gaza Strip and are willing to let the Palestinians there do what they want as long as they did not engage in armed resistance, including rocket attacks against Israeli targets across the border.

As such it was not really shocking or surprising to see Israel imposing a choking blockade of the Gaza Strip when Hamas — which espouses armed resistance — took control of the territory in 2007. Israel declared that the siege is aimed at preventing Hamas from acquiring weapons to mount attacks against Israeli targets. But we know that the real motive is to starve out the residents of Gaza Strip and impose so much suffering on them so that they would turn against their Hamas rulers. Well, it is not happening and it is unlikely to happen either.

Throughout the decades the world could only grit its teeth as it watched Israel continuing its rogue behaviour and having its way everywhere.

The protective umbrella that the US offered — and continues to offer — to Israel made sure that the international community could do little to pull up the Jewish state for its defiance and blatant disregard of every law.

We have also seen the president of the US being unable to act against Israel even after it humiliated him by not only defying his call for measures that would facilitate peace talks but also by thumping its nose at him with moves designed to wreck prospects for peace.

And this time around, Israel is posing perhaps the strongest yet challenge to the international community after conducting an attack on ships on international waters carrying aid to the besieged Gaza Strip and killing at least nine civilians aboard one of them.

It has rejected a UN Security Council call for an independent inquiry into the commando raid on the Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara and five other ships of an international flotilla on May 31 and insists that the world should be happy with the findings of an investigation it would conduct itself. In the meantime, it would also continue its blockade of Gaza Strip.

The question that begs for an answer is what the international community could do to address the anomaly in the world order.

Indeed, the international anger triggered by the raid on the flotilla is still strong, but can or will any government take the bull by the horns and create enough political will around the world to ensure that Israel does not get away with its rogue ways this time around?

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