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SCCI organises workshop on ‘Innovative Business Models’


Sharjah Chamber’s workshops’ in progress.

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) recently hosted a training workshop on “Designing an Innovative Business Models”. Sponsored and organised by the National SME Programme in cooperation with the Small & Medium Enterprises Centre TIJARAH 101 and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy, the workshop comes as part of the SCCI’s endeavors to support entrepreneurs, by adopting and sponsoring innovative programmes that enhance the entrepreneurial sector and meet the aspirations of young people in terms of managing projects with a regional and global brand.

Facilitated by the Financial Advisor Dr. Abdulla Al Awadhi, the workshop was attended by Mohamed Al-Yousfi, director of the National SME Program, Mona Omran Ali, Director of TIJARAH 101 Center, in the presence of a large number of Emirati entrepreneurs, where they learned about the latest concepts of establishing project management, innovative mechanisms of designing business models, the value-added model and how to obtain the optimal proposed value for a project, revenue generation methods and accounting fundamentals.

Mona Omran Ali said: “The workshop falls within the SCCI’s keenness to coordinate with all relevant agencies to attract sophisticated training programmes leading to enhancing the key role of the private sector and its developmental effectiveness. This is achieved by developing the skills and talents of Emirati entrepreneurs, improving their capabilities and enhancing their active role in promoting the country’s economic progress.”

She added: “The event was a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn closely about the scientific methods for developing their small and medium enterprises by highlighting the necessary information that motivates them to innovate in accordance with a clear business model with stimulating and sustainable means. This is in addition to consolidating innovation and creativity practices in a way that supports national economic trends and promotes entrepreneurship.”

The Director of TIJARAH 101 Center went on saying: “With the support of the SCCI, the strategic plans of the centre are based on organising several workshops and programs to reinforce entrepreneurs’ experiences and guide them to the best economic activities, in addition to engaging them in specialised exhibitions and promoting various brands.”

“Tijarah 101”, the first of its kind centre locally and regionally to empower entrepreneurs from the young people, by developing and improving the business environment in the small and medium enterprises, raising productivity, and promoting and marketing entrepreneurial projects,” she concluded.

Muhammad Al-Yousifi gave a presentation on the National SME Programme including training, development, business support, participation in local and foreign exhibitions, marketing, financing and providing information.

For his part, Dr. Abdulla Al Awadhi said: “The success of any project lies in choosing the idea and ensuring its suitability for the needs of the market. The project should include added value for customers and the entrepreneur must consider all financial aspects and adopt sound accounting foundations, and innovative mechanisms.”

The workshop also discussed the innovative mechanisms of designing and operating businesses amid a positive interaction from the attendees and practical applications to achieve the utmost benefit for entrepreneurs.

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established by an Amiri decree issued in 1970 by His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah in order to effectively and vitally participate in the organisation of economic life and the prosperity of its trade, industry and professions sectors on all levels and in cooperation with the concerned establishments and bodies and local departments.

Thus, the chamber is keen to include in its membership all the companies and establishments practicing economic activity in the emirate whether it is trade, industries or professions. It has been obligatory for the chamber to follow the economic and civilisational development witnessed by United Arab Emirates a matter that naturally requires change on the different services and activities of the chamber. The law No (1) of the year 1980 organising the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry was issued too include the articles of association and the legal rules and provisions drawing the chamber’s ambitious objects and set the means for its achievement through administrative and executive body having positions according to responsibilities.

The chamber’s board of directors supervises the execution of the general policy and is working on the means for the success of such policy and the reflection of the chamber’s role in the local community. There are also some specialised committees made out of the board of directors to assume many specialisations in the fields of trade, industries, professions and reconciliation.


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