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Ajman to facilitate investors for business activity with full force


Ajman DED makes it possible to renew licence without a lease contract for a duration of three months.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) announced that it has become possible to renew the licenses of economic entities without the requirement of submitting a lease contract for the entity’s location for a duration of 3 months.

It is provided that the lease contract shall be submitted within a month from the expiration of the permitted duration, in order to facilitate things for investors, entrepreneurs, and entity owners, and to support them in the light of the present exceptional circumstances and to ensure the continuity of their business.

The department exempted, under the decision, the condition for enclosing the lease contract of the entity’s location upon license renewal through the various digital channels made available for the service, such as the website, the smart application, and the feature of automatic renewal by SMS messages.

The department requires the investors to provide the lease contract within a month from the expiration of the permitted three-month duration in order to avoid license suspension and rendering license owners legally accountable towards the others.

Meanwhile under the theme of “Development of Entrepreneurs in Light of Crises”, the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) hosted a workshop at a distance in the cooperation with the National SME Programme and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy.

The workshop was delivered by Dr Abdullah Al-Awadi - a financial expert and entrepreneurship advisor, while joined by a number of entrepreneurs.

The workshop dealt with the concept of entrepreneurship and the management skills of a successful entrepreneur in crises, as well as how to adapt challenges to benefit from them as an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurs should be creative and dare, and clever in the five skills (ability to negotiate, work planning, flexibility and discipline, funds management, market analysis and understanding),” the lecturer said.

He also explained the factors that falter projects during crises, including the lack of planning and future visions, weak readiness, the absence of qualification and training, neglecting the importance of marketing and advertising, failing to optimise available human resource skills, slow treatment of ideas and poor selection of business.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Awadi reviewed the methods of resolving crises and dealing with them by traditional methods, and unconventional methods, stressing the need to prioritize urgent matters in light of crises. He also stressed the need for electronic preparation and flexibility to change the activity, service or product to meet the market requirements, and to innovate ways to accomplish business. Positivity and optimism are also important.

For his part, Mohammed Ali Al Janahi, Executive Director of Promotion and Investment Division at Ajman Chamber, valued the effective cooperation between the Ajman Chamber and the National SME Programme and the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy in implementing specialized courses and workshops dedicated to entrepreneurs. Those aim to develop their skills in management, marketing, project selection, crises management, feasibility studies and adoption of creativity and innovation in projects.

He also praised the efforts of the leadership in providing a supportive economic environment characterised by flexibility and adaptation to face the changes and challenges, especially those are taking place presently. The leadership launched incentive packages and facilitations directed to the private sector, which has made the UAE an ideal example at the world level in the sustainability and stability of the economic sector.

Jamila Kajoor, Director of the National Business Development Department at Ajman Chamber, stressed the importance of the workshop and its role in guiding entrepreneurs in facing the challenges of SMEs.

“The Ajman Chamber is keen on continuing to provide courses and workshops for entrepreneurs to meet changes taking place in the economic arena in cooperation with its strategic partners,” she added.

As part of its efforts to find innovative and effective ideas and initiatives to support the business continuity, the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry earlier organised a brainstorming session at a distance, to address the major challenges and changes faced by the private sector in the emirate, and to discuss the proposals that could lead to solutions lessening the effects incurred by the current conditions in the entire world.

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