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Ajman Chamber’s unit to drive sustainability and business growth


The Ajman Centre for Social Responsibility has its eyes set on progress.

The Ajman Centre for Social Responsibility – a subsidiary of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)  – has organised a workshop to raise awareness about social responsibility as a concept and to highlight its role in driving sustainability and business growth.

Nasser Al-Dhafri, CEO of Ajman Centre for Social Responsibility, opened the session, which brought together various influential stakeholders and heads of institutions and companies in the emirate. The workshop shed light on social responsibility and the role it plays in promoting community service and ensuring sustainable social and economic development. It also highlighted the role of the private sector in promoting the concept to the community at large, before exploring success stories from various institutions and companies.

“Social responsibility is a broad concept and goes beyond charity,” noted Al-Dhafri at the beginning of the workshop. “Its impact is far greater and serves to advance sustainability, progress, and prosperity, all the while creating opportunities and developing solutions that allow society to overcome all challenges.”

“These workshops offer a platform to raise awareness of this concept, facilitate the exchange of expertise, and enhance capabilities and skills in the sector,” he added. “This, in turn, lays the groundwork for innovative initiatives that promote this concept among all segments of the community – and Ajman’s business sector, in particular.”

Al-Dhafri went on to stress the Centre’s commitment to moving forward towards its strategic goals, which support the Emirate of Ajman in its ambitious vision and strategic plan to build a happy society and a green economy, led by an achievement-oriented government and aligned with the UAE’s vision for the next 50 years.

Led by Rita Haddad CEO of Quality Matters Consultancy Management, the workshop explored the definition of social responsibility as a steady commitment from the business community to play a part in driving economic development. It delved into the various types of social responsibility, highlighting the role that organisations play in promoting the concept of social responsibility, and underlining the importance of partnerships with the private sector.

As part of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ajman Centre for Social Responsibility provides resources and guidance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. It seeks to enhance the positive role that business can play, raising awareness about and promoting CSR. The Centre aims to ensure long-term social and economic wellbeing in the Emirate of Ajman, in addition to establishing itself as a regional and global reference for sustainability and social responsibility.

Earlier the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) held a meeting with representatives from Dahua – a leading Chinese tech solutions provider specialising in video surveillance products, data security, alarms, motion sensors, and access control.

Headed by Abdullah Mohammed Al Muwaiji, Chairman of Ajman Chamber’s Board of Directors, the meeting explored opportunities for attracting international companies and brands, in addition to strengthening partnerships. It brought together Jassim Al-Balooshi, Chairman of the Board at Dubai Leading Technologies; Brant Shen, Director of Business Development at Dahua; and Mohammad Ali Al Janahi, Executive Director of Promotion and Investment at Ajman Chamber.

The meeting discussed each party’s scope of work, outlining the services it provides and opportunities for cooperation to support multinational companies in the Emirate of Ajman and provide them with the facilities and services necessary for growth. A future partnership between Dahua and the Ajman Chamber was also announced.

“The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to diversifying its partnerships with international companies operating in the UAE or those looking to set up shop in the Emirates,” asserted Al Muwaiji.

“It is a key objective for us to attract new global brands in various fields, drive the development of the business and investment sectors in the emirate, and benefit from the great opportunities that large corporations have to offer.”

“We are constantly on the lookout for partnership opportunities with major companies and international brands, which have a lot to offer the business and investment community in the Emirate of Ajman,” he added.

“Dahua is a great example; it is a leader in the technology field and can provide advanced solutions that meet the requirements of various sectors. This is especially important as we increasingly focus on our industrial sector.”

“On the other hand, Dahua will benefit from the commercial and investment advantages that the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers, paving the way for us to move forward with expanding our scope of cooperation,” he Al Muwaiji said.


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