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Invest in Sharjah to showcase Emirate’s FDI potential at Expo


Invest in Sharjah will also turn the spotlight on the emirate’s nurturing entrepreneurial environment.

With less than 5 days to go for the globally anticipated unveiling of Expo 2020 Dubai, Invest in Sharjah, has confirmed participation at the world’s biggest fair, which is taking place from October 1 to March 31, 2022.

With a presence at the Business Connect Center on the Expo grounds, Invest in Sharjah will be hosting key discussions and specialised activities to promote the wide array of lucrative business and investment opportunities in Sharjah’s rapidly diversifying economy in the sectors of culture and tourism, mobility and logistics, health and wellbeing, greentech, human capital and innovation, advanced manufacturing, agri-food technology that have come under the spotlight over the past year.

The entity will be hosting a discussion series on a variety of current and key topics, bringing public and private entities in the UAE and beyond together for exchanging ideas, and use the Invest in Sharjah platform for networking and matchmaking activities.

Earlier this year, Mohamed Juma Al Musharrkh, CEO of Invest in Sharjah, had confirmed that the investment agency is working to create ecosystems for specific sectors. “Over the past 50 years since the UAE’s formation, Sharjah has played a leading role in amplifying our nation’s global reputation as a leading destination for business, investment and innovation. The emirate’s resilient economy has displayed impressive growth in the past year, thanks to a generous government stimulus package, six specialised free zones offering world class opportunities, and an FDI-friendly regulatory framework, positioning itself well for the future”.

“The Emirate of Sharjah has always stood behind responsible investments in all sectors; ones that promote inclusive and sustainable growth and enable human capital development. We are excited to leverage the connecting power of this world fair to hold dialogues with nations, business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, to explore new paths and ways of investing in a future that is inclusive, sustainable and encourages innovation and creativity,” Al Musharrkh added.

Sharjah’s investor-friendly climate offered by six world-class free zones that offer businesses and investors unrivalled competitive advantages, and the integrated business and licencing services offered by dedicated service agencies like the Sharjah Investors Services Center (Saeed) that enables individuals and entities to set up shop in the emirate in less than 24 hours, are some other cutting-edge qualities that will be highlighted to the Expo 2020 Dubai participants and visitors.

Invest in Sharjah will also turn the spotlight on the emirate’s nurturing entrepreneurial environment and the various training and business opportunities it continues to create for both established and emerging founders from the region and around the world.

Over 4,000 transactions processed: Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC), and its affiliated corporation Dubai South, processed over 4,000 transactions at Aconex - a one-stop-shop platform that was created to ensure seamless, centralised communication between Dubai South, local authorities and entities involved in the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Each participating country submitted a main package, which includes designs and plans, part of which were reviewed internally for structure and architecture purposes while others were shared and discussed with local authorities for feedback as well as for the issuance of NOCs. Following the completion of the review by all concerned parties, all the packages were compiled and issued to Expo 2020 Dubai organisers.

Among other services that were also provided, Dubai South also reviewed and permitted 252 fit-out designs for pavilions and facilities across different areas at the Expo 2020 site.

The company also issued 93 building permits for participating countries, including the main building at the Opportunity Pavilion, the helipad, welcome plazas, the Expo Mall, the three substations, as well as various services buildings. Moreover, a fit-out design review was completed in coordination with local authorities, with permits and certificates of completion granted to various renowned local and international restaurants at Expo 2020 after they received approvals from all other authorities. Finally, inspections for all participating countries were also completed in time to ensure that all the countries will be ready for the opening day.

In addition, Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH), the region’s first dedicated free zone for aviation and aerospace at Dubai South, have also confirmed their readiness to welcome visitors and offer them the finest services via the hub’s VIP Terminal.

This is part of the ongoing cooperation between Dubai South and various government institutions to emphasise the status of the emirate and reflect its decades-long prestigious reputation.

The VIP Terminal is in full swing to receive large numbers of dignitaries and participants, in conjunction with the Expo’s organisers and other relevant government entities.

As the number of VIP travellers through the terminal are expected to surge during the global event, the number of PCR testing facilities will be increased to ensure that travellers are granted streamlined and facilitated access, with as little delay as possible.

Moreover, the FBOs at MBRAH are also prepared to welcome visitors according to the highest standards.

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