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Dubai Courts launches 'Digital Litigation Programme' at Expo 2020


The 'Digital Litigation Programme' aims to support the use of modern technology and digital transformation of judicial services. WAM

Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts, has inaugurated the "Digital Litigation Programme" at Expo 2020 Dubai, during a meeting with the governance council.

The programme aims to apply technical litigation; keep abreast with the comprehensive development of Dubai; adopt creative solutions as per the instructions of Dubai Government; and apply the recommendations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, regarding transforming courts hearings into remote hearings permanently.

Al Mansouri indicated that the "Digital Litigation Programme" aims to support the use of modern technology and digital transformation of judicial services. "This accomplishment is the result of cooperation and distinctive efforts made by the work team, judicial and administrative units. Systematic and deliberate plans were put to guarantee providing best services to clients, allowing them to complete many litigation procedures through smart applications," he said.

Al Mansouri affirmed that Dubai Courts will continue development of its system and listen to all comments by clients and advocates to enhance and amend the justice system.

From his side, Judge Mohamed Al Sabousi, Chief Judge at First Instance Court of Dubai said, "Digital Litigation Programme targets judges, advocates, experts and clients. "It is an interactive online smart system easily managed around the hour. It covers all steps of the case, including request registration, attaching supporting documents and reports, digital signature, verifying users’ identities online, holding investigations hearings and deliberations remotely.

Additionally, the project creates other programmes for managing the case and judgments remotely. Such programmes give power to judges and competent departments to follow up cases, sentencing and enforcing online. It limits the number of persons, judges, government staff, advocates and experts allowed to access the information system. This prevents any unauthorised individuals to access the case information and documents."

From his part, Ahmed Ibrahim Saif, cassation judge at Dubai Courts, said that the judicial system in Dubai is a fair system. "This project affirms our tireless endeavours to set comprehensive frame for developing litigation procedures. The huge achievements made by Dubai Courts came as a result of the wise leadership’s future vision that aims to cope with the technical development and digital transformation. This really pays off today at the appropriate time in the current situation that affect the whole world."

The programme provide several services, including registration of cases through Dubai Courts portal; follow-up through smart gadgets; online payment options; hearings appointments; remote appearance; reviewing decisions and judgments. The smart application allows follow-up through smart gadgets after being registered online and paid through. The application also provides electronic card to the claimant with unified number sent through sms and email, with appointing the hearing date and notifying the parties about the hearing through the application.

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