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UAE fuel to be cheaper in January 2022


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Adnan Nijm, Staff Reporter

The UAE Fuel Price Committee approved on Tuesday, the gasoline and diesel prices for January 2022.

The new prices for fuel will witness a decline where the price of a litre of Super 98 petrol will cost Dhs2.65, compared to Dhs2.77 in December 2021.

The price of a litre of Special 95 petrol will be Dhs 2.53 compared to Dhs2.66 in December 2021.

The litre of E-Plus 91 will be down to Dhs2.46, compared to Dhs 2.58 in December.

The Committee decided that the price of diesel will drop to Dhs2.56 in January 2022, compared to Dhs 2.77 in December 2021.

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