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Company all set to float digital payment solutions soon

Illustrative image.

Illustrative image.

Staff Reporter, Gulf Today

The digital currency fever has swept the world today, and numerous promising projects have been launched in the Arab world, allowing the Arab world to keep up with the digital revolution and position itself at the forefront of leading global projects. Among these initiatives is the recently launched GULF project.

To learn more about the project, Gulf Today spoke with Abdul Rahman Al-Asfar, the project’s official spokesman, who disclosed the project’s details, importance, and role in promoting the digital revolution in the region.

He commented  that GulfCoin is a global digital currency developed by leading developers and programmers from the Arab world and other parts of the world, including the Far East and Europe.

“It is being launched by GULF SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY, a company that is registered in both New York and London. The GULF project is the result of years of research and accurate statistics compiled by our team in collaboration with other experts and pioneers in the cryptocurrency space.”

“GulfCoin was founded in January 2022 to assist those who are already invested in cryptocurrency and those who are new to it by empowering them to adopt digital services and facilitations and to benefit from the broad range of services offered by various GULF projects. Our initial coin offering (ICO) will begin very soon “.

Al-Asfar continues, “the project is off to a strong start, and the date for the launch of the initial coin offering, GulfCoin ICO, on our official website has been set for March 15 .” During the ICO period, one billion coins will be available, and the burning strategy will be used throughout. GulfCoin total supply is ten billion, with only nine billion remaining at the end of 2025.

Investors purchasing GulfCoin during the presale period can take advantage of a limited number of packages, which include discounts and a variety of staking options. GulfCoin currently offers three staking packages: brown horse, white horse, and black horse, each with a limited number of seats for those interested in holding their coins for additional profit.

With a diverse portfolio of projects and a distinctive burning strategy, GULF will provide digital payment solutions that will enable communities to seamlessly transition into the digital revolution. Al-Asfar stated unequivocally that “GULF exists to serve as your portal to the crypto-verse. Its mission is to provide transparent and secure services that ensure client and investor satisfaction and cyber security. It is your gateway to the digital financial world from the traditional financial sector”.

Al-Asfar continues by stating that “the GULF project’s interest in society is not limited and that it is committed to going green by assisting entrepreneurs and investors and empowering them to develop sustainable eco-friendly initiatives”. “We care about supporting youth as well because we believe that a better future begins today with the right education, which we provide in collaboration with Arabian Business Academy, a specialized institution for digital education and empowerment.” He concluded.

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