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Which Cryptos are going to make you money this April?


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Answer: Solana (SOL), Cronos (CRO) and Calyx Token (CLX)

Whether Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will be able to propel the cryptocurrency markets to a forecasted value of $3 trillion by 2025 is a question investors are now asking themselves, especially since the markets seem to be in "red" at the moment.  

However, individuals have and are still gaining millions by investing in the right token at the right time – The right time is a presale, and cryptocurrencies like Calyx Token (CLX) are leading in crypto-presales, returning big, plump profits to investors everywhere. Cronos (CRO) and Solana (SOL) also all have the potential to be lucrative investments for investors this April.

Calyx Token (CLX) – Presale King

Three fundamental features make up the Calyx Token (CLX): security, transparency, and decentralisation (DeFi).

The protocol for permissionless liquidity is driven by the community. A number of liquidity sources, including several blockchains, are being built to allow multi-chain crypto trading and token exchanges at a better cost.

It is the goal of the Calyx Network to assist cross-chain traders while also enabling fast trade, liquidity aggregation, commerce readiness, and permissionlessness.

To facilitate real-time trading, this new yet fast-increasing system is a bright exception in the market. Early investors are reaping the benefits of its pre-sale now.

To put it another way, other blockchains, such as MATIC (BNB), AVAX (AVAX), and many more will soon be supported by this network, which means that it is possible to return large gains, maybe even millions, soon.

Initially, the system will be run by the "founding team" and management, but the company plans to give over full power to the community later this year through the CalyxDAO coin (to be released later this year).

 The CLX presale is now open to anybody who wants to participate, since it has shown to be a reliable and growing digital currency (+2.5 percent).

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) has always been one of the best cryptocurrencies in the system, ranking 6th on coinmarketcap.com.

Despite a series of hacks and other online assaults, Solana has managed to maintain its position as a prominent cryptocurrency.

In the "Ethereum killer" club, Solana's network has made headlines because it offers some of the quickest transactions operations on the market and the price is always just a fraction of a penny, while Ethereum (ETH) can only handle around 15 transactions per second, the Solana system can process up to an incredible 65,000.  

For those who want to invest in Solana's exceptional success, both now and in the future, the token, SOL, is an excellent option. SOL, the native token, is now trading at $115 and slightly down -1.5% in 24 hours of trade.


Cronos (CRO)

Previously known as Crypto.com, Cronos has undergone a redesign owing to a misunderstanding between the webpage and the coin. Cronos (CRO) have constantly been shown to be one of the world's biggest cryptos. 

CRO is used to move smart contracts and decentralised applications from other blockchains to Ethereum (ETH) or Cosmos (ATOM). Now Cronos plans on expanding the size and utility of its ecosystem.

Cronos (CRO) tokens were valued at roughly $0.08 in the middle of last year. In comparison, the current $0.44 price demonstrates almost a 500% rise.

Aquasis Protocol (AQS) – Presale Prince

Aquasis Protocol (AQS) allows individuals to make risk-free transactions and enjoy zero-fee services while keeping their deposit amount. Not only for cryptocurrencies, but all investments.

Aquasis Protocol (AQS) allows its consumers to finance recurring services by delivering a principal-protected payment option. A subscription or membership may be paid for by depositing USDC tokens and utilising the revenues to pay the required subscription fee.

Pre-sales (stages when investments don't lose value) are wonderful chances for investors to purchase cheap and win large – Filecoin (FIL) has been an example, benefiting investors greatly. Investing in presale stages could make you a millionaire, don’t wait around.


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Calyx Token – Enter the Presale


Aquasis Protocol – Enter the Presale




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