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Dubai key hub for medical tourism


Dubai has the best environment to attract future medical investments.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Dubai is the first Middle East and North Africa destination for medical tourism and investment in various specialties. It has the best environment to attract future medical investments.

Dr. Majd Naji, founder of Liberty Dental Clinics told Gulf Today that Dubai enjoys a stimulating and attractive investment environment in all sectors. The health sector is in focus especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which reinforced the need for people to pay more attention to their health than before.

Naji stressed the support provided by Dubai government to the private medical sector, which reflected positively on the process of development and medical tourism in the emirate amid a wide turnout of health tourists, which confirms the development reached by medical facilities in Dubai, whether governmental, private or multinational, and the high level of medical competencies. Those facilities boost the value of diversity in subspecialties.

He revealed that the Dubai Health Authority has enacted several laws that would increase the confidence that the medical sector enjoys in the country, in addition to the fact that the establishment of the Dubai Health Tourism Council works to attract patients from outside the country, as well as medical competencies and investors. Dr. Naji believes that Dubai is a stimulating environment for work and success, and provides attractive opportunities for investment in medical tourism, especially with foreign tourists searching for an environment in which all types of tourism are available for an ideal vacation.

Dr. Naji indicated that health facilities in Dubai are adopt highest international standards, and work under the direct and permanent supervision of the Health Authority, which is conducting close follow-up to ensure the highest quality.

Dr. Naji said chose Dubai for his medical centre due to several reasons, most notably the great facilities he obtains, and the ease of patients access to Dubai which connects East to West.

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