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UAE pioneer in drawing ambitious talent, offering great opportunities


Female participants interact during Gitex Global in Dubai.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

The ecosystem in the UAE embraces young ambitious talent and screens people not based on “who knows who,” or as we call it “wasta,” but on expertise and potential. Even culturally, they have not limited or localised the lifestyle, but rather opened up to all that is possible.

In this way, while much of the Arab world falls behind in equally welcoming men and women into their folds, the UAE has been a pioneer in establishing a sense of global and gender fairness, drawing in the finest talents, and offering great opportunities.

This was stated by Madiha Bee, a Transformational Coach for women, during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today, adding that she knows many who moved to the UAE and others who established their ventures here, and the experience they share echoes the qualities one would imagine people expressed during the Spanish Golden Age, when millions travelled to the Americas, land of opportunities, to write a new story of what’s possible.

Highlighting the role of the supportive governmental policies, she noted that the easier it is for people to start and grow their businesses, the more women entrepreneurs are going to feel motivated to launch their businesses.

“And since governments are the ones to create the legal structures that allow, or block, businesses from growing, making these systems as clear and effortless as possible makes ALL the difference.”

Madiha Bee

“Since me and my husband have explored establishing and operating our businesses from different bases, we’ve studied the drastic differences between policies that support, and others that hinder, entrepreneurial businesses. For example, I couldn’t establish my company “Awakened Woman” in Jordan, without having an office. This halted the project, until I discovered that in Dubai the legal infrastructure makes establishing an online business a simple and painless process” she added.

“Indeed, policies that facilitate rather than challenge the establishing and operations of independent and global entrepreneurs are essential in all Arab countries at this point. This will not only encourage women, but also entire unemployed generations and talents to rise.”

“While some countries hold tight to bureaucratic and time-consuming processes, I’ve found that the UAE has truly pioneered the way in making it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and thrive.”

To a question about opportunities, she stated: “Personally, I think everything comes back to balance. I believe the greatest opportunities lay in entrepreneurs and creators receiving the gifts and opportunities of the UAE, while also designing one’s dream life. For me and my husband, both of us operating independent companies, this has meant establishing the companies online, grounding and securing it legally and navigating the UAE’s tremendous gifts and luxurious lifestyle while also finding different bases around the world in which to foster a lifestyle that balances between Middle East, Far East, and West”

“We have been navigating life between Dubai, Bali, and Jordan, creating a very balanced lifestyle that welcomes all: the opportunities and changemakers of Dubai, the joy of being with family in Jordan, and the slow-paced island life we have also enjoyed in Bali.”

“This is one of the greatest gifts of establishing online ventures. It is true freedom— which includes both financial, and geographic, freedom.” She added that women can be even more represented in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sammar Essmat, Gender Lead for the Middle East, Central Asia, and Turkey at International Financial Corporation, said that about $2.7 trillion is lost because women are underrepresented in this space and the economy at large.

“Women have always had the talent, ideas, and genius to perform and create remarkable results, it is time for them to receive greater support, and to be reminded of their power and potential.  And to be honest, in many fields,  such as the Training and Coaching field I am in, much funding is not required; simply a good idea, a dose of courage, and support from the community is enough to set up a successful business.”

Highlighting that digital transformation contributed to the influx of women entrepreneurs, Madiha echoed that the online world offers both the opportunity to reach masses, as well as the flexibility and freedom that a woman’s “cyclical” nature requires.

To a question about suggestions for budding women entrepreneurs, especially in terms of financial management, she said that “Financial independence is a woman’s bridge to freedom and sovereignty, which almost every woman I have ever met or coached, desires”.

“Therefore, if women truly focus on serving others through their businesses in an aligned way and creating financial freedom for themselves, then they can fully claim this freedom for themselves, without asking for permission from anyone. In other words, it is an important step in the journey of women’s empowerment in the region”, she added.

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