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Interest in metaverse on the rise


Officials of Evest during the Forex Expo Dubai 2022.

Sajjad Ahmad, Deputy Business Editor

Industry experts during a panel discussion at the Forex Expo 2022 highlighted the investment game plan for the Metaverse as the interest in domain is increasing with every passing day.

With advanced technology easing access to international investment markets, the panel discussed tips on how to actively trade and invest in global markets.

Evest, the region’s leading online trading firm, discussed various methods to unlock the potential of the ever-evolving metaverse.

Sharing insights and investment game plan for the Metaverse; Ali Hasan, the CEO of Evest said; “There is an increased interest in this domain and traders want to delve deeper to understand trading nuances in the Metaverse.

The digital era in trading and investment is constantly evolving but we are witnessing huge and major business deals across sectors, despite being in its infancy. Recent media reports revealed that the sale of real estate and land in the metaverses exceeded hundreds of thousands of dollars and this is possible because investors now understand the importance of digital investments in the Metaverse.”

Ali Hassan further pointed out the importance and timelessness of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy that was launched by the Dubai government under the able leadership of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This move helped design laws and legislations to complement the digital features of the Metaverse and lent incredible support to investors.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to consolidate Dubai’s position among the top 10 cities and leading economies in the field of “Metaverse” to make it a major hub for the ‘Metaverse’ community.

The seminar also dealt with the most effective ways to avoid risks while investing in the Metaverse and how to remain on track with goals to reduce costly mistakes.

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