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Dubai lures high-net-worth individuals


Top officials at the press conference in Dubai.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

As we navigate through tempestuous times in the financial markets, world-class sophisticated investors continue to take long term position in Dubai real estate market.

Dubai real estate is the new global currency. Strong, stable and solid returns for the long run.

This was stated by Kashif Ansari, CEO and Co- Founder of Juwai IQI, during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today.

 Juwai IQI is an international real estate technology group that powers property transactions and ownership locally and globally.

According to the global financial news, real estate investment will stay higher as many sovereign wealth funds, endowments funds and pension funds are buying real estate for stable returns in these challenging financial markets.

Ansari stated in the next 2-3 years, Dubai real estate market can easily attract $20-$25 billion from global investors. Reasons are very simple.

“Dubai real estate market offers better returns than New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore.  According to the report from UBS real estate index, Dubai real estate market is still affordable and cheaper.” Ansari added.

“New developments and secondary market projects are still drawing investors. Dubai real estate off plan transactions recorded surge of $8.2 billion over 3 years according to Arabian Business.”

“The latest report from Arabian business validates Juwai IQI views that The Dubai real estate sector recorded Dhs102b ($27.8b) of sales this summer, according to W Capital.”

“The global trends will continue to buttress Dubai real estate market with High Net-worth Individuals taking position in Palm Jumeirah , Dubai Marina , Dubai Harbour, Dubai Hills, Jumeriah Village Circle.”

The real estate market in Dubai in 2023 is expected to continue to upsurge due to strong demand and tangible asset class. The price of properties in Dubai is expected to increase gradually, by 20 to 25 per cent in the new 2-3 years. Dubai is the market for world-class smart investors.” Ansari concluded.

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