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Capital Club Dubai sees surge in membership


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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Dubai is a leading destination for local and global businesses. The ‘City of Wonders’ is a safe haven for global investors. Capital Club Dubai located in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) boasts a diverse and varied membership, encompassing entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, ambassadors, consul generals, and owners of prominent conglomerates from across the region.

This was stated by Dave Chaggar, Sales Director, Capital Club Dubai, during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today.

“The club has a very wide mix of nationalities and has continued to see a surge in membership enquiries post Covid-19. This is partly down to the considerable number of high net worth individuals now making the UAE home together with the ethos that Capital Club Dubai prides itself upon.” Chaggar added.

He noted that he has seen so many ultra-high-net-worth individuals making the UAE home, relocating their families and setting up holding structures here. The level of economic expansion and the wider diversity in terms of nationalities and cultures is wonderful to see. It is really such a unique melting pot with all the right ingredients for its residents to take a long-term view.

“Capital Club Dubai is very much a private business members club, which offers its members a luxury environment to host their guests and hold their meetings and discussions in a private environment.

“Beyond the privacy and exclusivity, Capital Club serves as a platform for its members to network amongst one another by means of the wide range of events constantly curated by the club on business topics, round table discussions and through social gatherings every month.”

Dave Chaggar, Sales Director, Capital Club.

Dave Chaggar, Sales Director, Capital Club.

Chaggar also points out that its members whilst having all the access benefits within Capital Club Dubai, also benefit from the extensive list of reciprocal clubs across the world that they can access, meaning those that are constantly on the go and travelling internationally can utilise such facilities to conduct their meetings in a similar manner.

It is important for members to feel a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Where they can operate in complete discretion with a key focus on personal touches. As the world is becoming more and more connected, the sensitivity of high level business discussions and private meetings is critical.

Our members can invite their guests and clients here to hold meetings and discussions. Our in house team ensures that our members are comfortable to dine or hold private events within the many different venues here. It really gives them the full flexibility with all the facilities on offer.

I would say we have a wide spectrum of industries and sectors amongst our member base. From banks, law firms, private equity, venture capital and family offices it really is a plethora of unique members with very wide spanning backgrounds and experiences.

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