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Pioneering House Yacht luxury emerges in UAE with ALH Marine

A view of the luxury House Yacht.

ALH Marine, under the stewardship of its Founder and CEO, Asem Al Helwani, has unveiled a landmark achievement in the UAE—introducing the first-ever House Yacht concept, an epitome of luxury living on water.

A triumph in luxury marine real estate, ALH Marine, an offshoot of the renowned ALH Properties, has made waves with its foray into the House Yacht market. Asem Al Helwani’s strategic foresight has elevated the waterfront living experience, blending the comforts of sophisticated living with the serenity of the sea.

Founded by Asem Al Helwani in 2023, Dubai-based ALH Marine specialises in exclusive House Yachts, catering to both short-term rentals and private ownership. The company boasts a full spectrum of services, from real estate brokerage to bespoke interior design solutions.

The House Yachts boast an Italian elegance that personifies affordable luxury, appealing to a discerning market of investors and lifestyle connoisseurs seeking a unique living experience.

These House Yachts, a brainchild of Al Helwani's visionary ethos, are crafted with expansive private decks and plush interiors, offering residents and guests an unparalleled blend of opulence and nautical charm.

ALH Properties and ALH Marine, under Asem's direction, continue to redefine luxury living, inviting individuals to embark on a new voyage of opulence with their exclusive House Yacht experiences.

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