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NY celebrates partnership with AEEDC


Officials during the event.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Board Members and organisers of the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), the most significant dental event in the USA, held a prestigious ceremony in New York (NY) to honour Dr Abdulsalam AlMadani, Executive Chairman of AEEDC Dubai and Global Scientific Dental Alliance – GSDA. The ceremony was attended by numerous representatives and members from participating countries worldwide.

The award comes in celebration of the strong partnership between the AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition and the GNYDM, which reflects more than 20 years of continuous educational support.

The honour is an outstanding achievement for Dubai and the UAE, represented by AEEDC Dubai, and between NYC and the USA, represented by GNYDM.

The recognition underscores the pinnacle of collaboration and ongoing dedication of both nations to foster continuous education and significant advancements in the dental sector. This commitment is evident in promoting research, academic and technical development, and bolstering economic growth in both countries.

These efforts have manifested over the past two decades to benefit more than 3.9 million individuals worldwide, and significantly advancing and sustaining the dental sector, contributing to the economy through substantial business deals and global partnerships in the multibillion-dollar range.

Ambassador Dr. Abdulsalam AlMadani expressed his gratitude to the organizers of GNYDM, saying, “I extend my sincere appreciation to the Greater New York Dental Meeting for this outstanding annual meeting and this recognition as a result of 20 years of cooperation between the UAE and the City of New York to promote science, knowledge, and ongoing education — the pillars of development across all sectors. The recognition mirrors the deep friendship between AEEDC Dubai and the Greater New York Meeting, reflecting our constant dedication to constructive efforts and effective cooperation in advancing science and knowledge.”

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