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Creating a Legacy: CA Amit Kumar Garg's strategic commitment to global finance and real estate

Amit Kumar Garg.

In the expansive landscape of finance and real estate, the narrative of CA Amit Kumar Garg unfolds as a remarkable journey spanning over two decades. As a distinguished Chartered Accountant, he leads a prestigious national firm and extends its financial influence beyond Indian borders, reaching clients globally.

Leading a team of approximately 600 professionals strategically positioned across major cities in India, the UK, and the UAE. Serving as a mentor and guide, his commitment to nurturing the next generation of financial professionals underscores a profound dedication to delivering tailored financial solutions that transcend international boundaries.

Mr. Amit’s journey is marked by an impressive spectrum of certifications in the field of Audit & Consulting. This includes being a Certified Information System Auditor and Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection Certified, as well as holding the prestigious titles of Certified Independent Director & Concurrent Auditor.

His multifaceted expertise spans management consulting, cross-border transactions, real estate, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), tax advisory, and private equity, collectively positioning him as a reliable and seasoned business advisor.

Beyond the realms of finance, Mr. Amit holds a pivotal position as the Managing Director at Bricks n Wood Real Estate Company, a Dubai-based enterprise. Here, he artfully leverages his wealth of experience and strategic vision, playing a significant role in propelling the company's growth trajectory and solidifying its standing within the real estate industry. A testament to his prowess is the successful closure of transactions exceeding a staggering $2 billion.

Adding to his achievements is the TUMUH Real Estate Middle East Fund, headquartered in the Cayman Islands. This visionary endeavor focuses on real estate markets in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India, spanning residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Under Mr. Amit's adept leadership, the fund not only navigates the complexities of real estate investment but also showcases a profound expertise in fundraising.

Diversifying his initiatives, he also extends his services to CAT-II AIF, SEBI registered in India. Here, he opens avenues for alternative investment funds in both listed and unlisted companies, with a particular focus on distressed assets.

This innovative approach offers investors a unique opportunity to step into property investment below market value, showcasing Mr. Amit's strategic commitment to reducing risk and improving overall returns.

CA Amit Kumar Garg's journey is not merely a personal success story but a testament to his enduring commitment to excellence within the realms of finance and real estate.






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