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Arab Tourism Organization honours IDB’s chairman for supporting Arab economy


Top officials during the event.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dr Ziad Khalaf, Chairman of International Development Bank (IDB), has been awarded the First-class Arab Tourism Medal by the Executive Council of the Arab Tourism Organization. The prestigious award recognizes Khalaf’s unwavering commitment to supporting the Arab economy by expanding his business operations in Iraq to the region and facilitating commercial transactions between Arab countries through a top-notch pool of companies operating across the economic spectrum.

The Executive Council of the Arab Tourism Organization comprises the Minister of Tourism (The Kingdom of Bahrain) for the Gulf and Yemen region, the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism (The Republic of Yemen), the Minister of Tourism and Archeology (The Arab Republic of Egypt) for the North Africa and Nile Valley province, the Minister of Tourism in Libya for the Arab Maghreb, the Minister of Tourism and Archeology in the state of Palestine for the Arab Mashriq and Levant province, and the Secretary General of the Arab Tourism Organization.

The Organization is led by Bandar Bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid who confirmed that the First-class Arab Tourism Medal awarded to Dr Khalaf is one of the highest honors offered by the Organization to prominent figures leaving their positive mark on the Tourism sector, underlining his active role in supporting the Organization’s programs and valuable contributions to achieving its goals.

The member ministers of the Organization’s Executive Council representing Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Bahrain, and Yemen, along with the Chairman representing Saudi Arabia, had voted in favor of Dr. Khalaf, in recognition of his role in supporting Arab tourism. The medal is considered one of the highest honors that was previously awarded to rulers, state heads, and presidents with sizeable economic achievements.

Right before being commended for his exploits, Dr Khalaf had announced a promising partnership between the Arab Tourism Organization and the International Development Bank aiming to enhance collaboration and adopt best-in-line solutions and practices that support tourism which has come to play a pivotal role in boosting Arab economies.

The Arab Tourism Organization awards ceremony was held in Jeddah, on the 15th of February. Diplomats and consuls representing Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine and Egypt attended the event, along with high-ranking officials including Arab ministers and members of the Arab Tourism Organization.

“I’ve always believed that standing for your country and leveraging all resources to strengthening its economy will yield high rewards”, said Dr. Khalaf. He added: “Today, I stand prouder than ever for the honor I have been given to receive the First-class Arab Tourism Medal. Yet, I also find myself facing a new challenge, one that I’m gladly accepting: to strive towards building a thriving Arab economy. I am confident that by joining forces and working with perseverance and passion, we will be able to elevate the regional tourism sector to new, unprecedented heights.”

Concerning International Development Bank, Dr Khalaf underlined: “International Development Bank strives to offer innovative financial solutions that meet corporate, SMEs, and retail needs in the region through the adoption of cutting-edge banking technologies and methods”, concluding, “The bank has succeeded in backing up several tourism projects thanks to its wide network of corresponding banks in the world, actively supporting the sector according to the agreement signed with the Arab Tourism Organization.”

The Arab Tourism Organization operates in the framework of the Council of Arab Ministers for Tourism under the Arab League. It plays an important role in translating the Council’s decisions into actionable policies and plans that help advance the tourism industry in the Arab world based on a scientific approach that prioritizes the Arab citizen’s well-being. The organization also seeks to play a significant role in attaining the goals, aspirations and hopes of Arab leaders in the tourism sector, considered a key contributor to the GDP in Arab countries.



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