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ADIB launches new payment hub

The 2022 ESG report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the progress that ADIB made in various sectors.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to accelerate cross-border remittances.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has announced the successful launch of a new payment hub that allows customers to conduct their transfers in a quick and efficient manner.

ADIB has worked with the real-time payment solutions company, ProgressSoft, to ease the integration of Cross-Border Services and accelerate cross-border remittances.

With the new payment hub, customers can now seamlessly process transfers, providing a solution that transforms payment processing capabilities. This redefines the speed, security, and efficiency of ADIB’s payment services across diverse channels and third-party networks. Commenting on the launch, Fernando Plaza Lopez, Chief Digital Officer, ADIB, said, “The successful implementation of ProgressSoft’s Payments Hub Platform comes at a time when ADIB is focused on driving digital-first solutions throughout the bank’s operations. This robust new platform will transform the way ADIB’s payment services function across the board. In line with our commitment to delivering digital excellence for our customers, ADIB will continue to develop its digital capabilities to offer bespoke solutions for all our stakeholders.”

The dynamic platform aligns with ADIB’s vision for expanding digital services at the front-end as well as global payment corridors at the back end. With advanced and scalable features, ADIB also gains the flexibility to adapt effortlessly to market trends, enabling the introduction of additional payment services with minimal disruption to its back-end systems. This robust and scalable payment infrastructure solidifies ADIB’s position as a leader in the digital banking landscape, paving the way for its ambitious growth strategy in the UAE and beyond.

“This successful launch signifies the culmination of a shared vision between ADIB and ProgressSoft,” stated ProgressSoft’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wakileh, “Together we have launched a transformative platform that not only addresses the demands of today but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow, reinforcing our joint commitment to delivering excellence in banking services.”


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