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Dubai Stem Cell Congress opens its doors to public


Dr Fatma Alhashimi.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

The second edition of the Dubai Stem Cell Congress (DSCC) kicked off on Monday at Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Its current edition brings together more than 30 experts and specialists in stem cell treatment from Japan, the United States of America, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai Stem Cell Congress holds exceptional significance as it introduces a new theme, “Connecting Hope.” This innovative platform establishes connections between scientists and patients, serving as the cornerstone for the annual Dubai Stem Cell Congress.

The Congress presents different awards such as the “Humanitarian Award,” the Prestigious Award, the “Champions Award” for Best Contribution, “The Great Initiative Mind,” Unique Initiative, and “Academic ACE”: Best Student, “Ingenious Thinker,” and Best Researcher.

This year’s congress introduces the prestigious Humanitarian Award, honoring the legacy of Dr. Hal Broxmeyer. His groundbreaking contributions revolutionized regenerative medicine, benefiting over 50,000 patients globally with cord blood stem cell therapies. This award is to be accepted by his wife, Mrs. Beth Broxmeyer, symbolizing his enduring impact on the field.

Dr Fatma Alhashimi, Chairman of the DSCC and Director of Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, stated: “Today, the Dubai Stem Cell Congress convenes with international experts and industry partners, uniting to raise awareness and highlight the latest advancements in data, stem cell technologies, and innovative applications.



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