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MoEI signs agreement with TII to support sustainable development

Officials during the event.

Officials during the event.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) signed a pivotal collaborative agreement with the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), to build 3D maps of the nation’s natural resources, a crucial step towards and the discovery of mineral resources and renewables such as geothermal energy.

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a global scientific research centre and the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC).

The objective is to enable the UAE Government to explore and use undiscovered renewable and mineral resources in accordance with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Strategy, which outlines the nation’s ambitious journey towards net-zero. The programme will last up to five years and consist of multiple projects to discover UAE natural resources.

As part of the agreement, TII’s Directed Energy Research Centre (DERC), which is dedicated to advancing directed energy systems and technologies in the region, will play a pivotal role. Leveraging its expertise, TII will provide valuable support to MoEI, marking a significant stride in pursuing sustainable energy solutions.

Both entities will also cooperate to develop research and technical capacity in specific fields, including geology, mineral resources, and salt body distribution analysis.

Saif Ghubash, Assistant Under-Secretary for Petroleum, Gas, and Mineral Resources at MoEI, said that TII’s advanced research capabilities and the extensive geological expertise of MoEI are set to transform the landscape of mineral resources and renewable energy exploration.

Shahab Issa Abu Shahab, Director-General of ATRC, commented, “This partnership combines the exceptional expertise and innovative capabilities of TII and MoEI. Together we’re displaying a solid commitment to promoting the discovery of mineral resources and renewable energy, which paves the way for sustainable development.”

Dr. Najwa Aaraj, CEO of TII, stated that this collaboration with MoEI will significantly advance the UAE’s mapping, exploration, and discovery of mineral resources and renewable energies, bringing the nation closer to its net-zero objectives.

Meanwhile under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI), the third edition of the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS 2024) was inaugurated on Monday by Sharif Al Olama, Under-Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs at MoEI. The event, held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), marks a significant milestone in the Mena region’s journey towards sustainable transportation.

Delivering the opening speech, Sharif Al Olama reiterated the UAE’s commitment to building a sustainable transport system. He said, “The Summit comes at a critical time, as the world strives to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. An all-inclusive decarbonisation drive is a must to reach our collective goal. This raises an urgent need to promote green mobility and accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions coming from the transport sector, one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.”

He added, “To achieve this target, the National Demand Side Management Programme has launched a host of initiatives targeting a greener mobility system. One of the main initiatives is promoting the shift to electric vehicles as a sustainable transport option. Today, electric and hybrid vehicles account for 3 per cent of all vehicles on our roads in the UAE. We can see a growing appetite for EVs in the local market. People are displaying a stronger sense of responsibility towards the environment and want to make eco-friendly choices.”

The Under-Secretary noted that according to a report by the International Energy Agency, the UAE ranked second in the Middle East for the sales of EVs. In 2023, 13 per cent of total car sales were electric vehicles.

He said, “As a government, we play an active part in increasing the penetration of EVs by building an integrated charging station network linking all emirates. In this regard, we are collaborating with stakeholders from the private sector to increase investment in the infrastructure of the electric charging network through various financing mechanisms that serve all concerned parties. Our aim is to increase the scale and pace of the shift to green mobility through raising the share of EVs to 50 per cent of all vehicles on our roads by 2050. This comes in line with the UAE’s commitment to becoming carbon-neutral in fewer than three decades.”

Al Olama added, “Regionally, we are developing an EV Gulf Corridor, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman will be linked with the UAE by installing charging stations at our borders with the two countries to help ease the movement of electric vehicles.”

Naser Ali Al Bahri, CEO of Nirvana MICE, said, “EVIS 2024 is not just an event; it’s the future of e-mobility in the Mena region. This exhibition and summit, featuring over 150 global exhibitors, showcases the evolution of the electric mobility sector with a rich programme of industry discussions. Our robust partnerships, including the unwavering support from the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, are instrumental in propelling this transformative journey forward. We are setting the stage for continued innovation and sustainable growth.”

Following the opening remarks, Al Olama led a guided tour of the exhibition floor, highlighting major advancements in electric vehicle technology.

The summit is set to continue through 22nd May, offering attendees the opportunity to experience the latest in electric vehicle technology, including test drives of the newest vehicles which showcase the rapid acceleration and silent operation that define modern electric vehicles.