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FAME King Sheeraz Hasan glorifies Saudi Arabia as the new Hollywood

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The number one FAME strategist in the world, Sheeraz Hasan is relentless in spreading his influence globally. Well, it didn’t take long until he had his eyes locked on the next target – Saudi Arabia. During the Mayman Show podcast, he declared the Kingdom as the new Hollywood and is on an unstoppable mission to make this happen because he holds immense power to do so.

Sheeraz is poised to replicate the insurmountable success he had in Hollywood. Notably, his disruption strategies and publicity stunts have turned A-Listers like Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, and many more into Billionaires, global icons, and sensational hits.

His omnipotence also had a great effect on the USA’s top magnates and big-shot personalities. At present, he continues to educate some of the most critically-acclaimed producers, directors, actors, singers, models, and influencers on how to continuously take advantage of FAME for sustained relevance and  trendsetting recall.

Sheeraz has already proven his authority in Hollywood so it is expected for him to venture out and dominate other territories. After the Movie Capital of America, he took over Dubai and added it as one of his triumphant pursuits. With his unmistakable prominence, he inevitably overpowered the UAE scene through the historic Dubai Mall activations for Kim Kardashian and Logan Paul. These events drew unimaginable crowds of over 200,000 fans and countless media coverages.

Communication is the key to be hailed as the FAME King as according to Sheeraz, “Communication is the only way to get the message out. That’s exactly what I did for an activation for Kim Kardashian where 250,000 fans showed up, the same with Logan Paul where around 300,000 people showed up.”

Despite, the number ONE FAME strategist’s massive Hollywood and Dubai successes, these are not enough for him. After careful consideration, it is now Saudi Arabia’s turn to be lifted up high by the FAME King himself. Now, it’s the Kingdom’s turn to receive Sheeraz’s expertise to skyrocket its reputation as the new epicenter of movies, music, fashion, glamor, flair, sports, business, and FAME.

In a recent appearance on The Mayman Show podcast, Sheeraz shared his exciting plans to be the link between Hollywood and Saudi Arabia. His strategy is directed to revolutionize the country's creative landscape – all brilliantly aligned with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's Saudi 2030 Vision.

Sheeraz said, “I’ve never met the Crown Prince MBS yet, but I’m going to meet him as it is one of my goals. What this man and his team have done is great history, such a great history was made.” Sheeraz expressed his deep admiration for Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, praising his visionary leadership that paved the way for the dramatic transformation of Saudi Arabia.

Being the King of FOMO, Sheeraz finds it astounding that the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman promotes and proliferates the same concept for Saudi Arabia’s benefit. Sheeraz said, “Man, I love him. He’s Mr. FOMO. He creates so much excitement on the vision of building this.” Like him, MBS is also all about anticipation and enticement.

Sheeraz Hasan’s appearance on The Mayman Show signals the start of Saudi Arabia’s amazing evolution. As the one and only global FAME connoisseur, he rightfully glorifies the MBS’s Kingdom as the NEW (not the next) Hollywood.

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