Katy Perry locked herself in car to cry because she ‘needs space’ during lockdown - GulfToday

Katy Perry locked herself in car to cry because she ‘needs space’ during lockdown


Katy Perry.

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Katy Perry has spoken about the difficulties of being pregnant during quarantine, revealing she has often locked herself in her car to cry and get some “space”.

The singer explained that she is taking pregnancy “one day at a time” and some days are more emotional than others.

“I cry. I have put myself in my car outside my house and locked the doors,” Perry said.

The “Firework” singer discussed the cravings she has experienced in lockdown.

“Everyone talks about cravings when you’re pregnant and for me, I think about cravings but I also think about ‘do I want to risk my life getting that craving?’


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“So it’s all like really intense thoughts that are supposed to be light and bright and you’re like ‘aaarrggh!’”

Perry revealed she had been craving spicy food.

“Well, in the very beginning it was like ‘give me Indian food or get out of the way’,” she said.

“I have never wanted more spice than I do want in my life now. So it’s all about spice, how hot can my mouth get.”

Perry added that lockdown has given her a sense of an overriding sense of uncertainty that has made her pregnancy more challenging.

“You know, there’s so many levels of uncertainty and it’s really a one day at a time type of thing.”

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