Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim deletes Twitter, Insta accounts on being trolled for quoting the Quran - GulfToday

Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim deletes Twitter, Insta accounts on being trolled for quoting the Quran


Actress Zaira Wasim poses for the media during an event.

Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after being heavily trolled for quoting from the Quran while talking about locust attacks.


"So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self explained: but they were steeped in arrogance -- a people given to sin. --Qur'an 7:133," Zaira had tweeted.


Soon, she started receiving hateful comments from netizens who interpreted her post as a justification of the locust attacks.


They felt that Zaira was suggesting that the incident is God's way of expressing wrath.




Shortly after being deluged with such comments, Zaira Wasim deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.


However, a section of netizens continue to attack Zaira on her Facebook page, where she put up the same post.


Commenting on the post, a user wrote: "Lady you must have taken into account of those people of JK, Kerala and elsewhere who are also suffering from the virus. Moreover the crops which are damaged by locust had no name as to who will consume them. In this hours of crisis please post something which is positive and reflects your education."


Another user shared: "So according to you,with all due respect every year on the same time period,allah send locust to India to destroy the crops of poor farmers who are not even involve in the industrial rise,who don't use vehicle to destroy the nature,nd allah send locust only to harm the poor farmers nd not the rich one who actually destroy nature."




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"So those farmers who lost there fields of crops and will probably go into debt and may also commit suicide, those farmers who feed the nation, who feed you and every one, are sinners?" asked yet another user.


However, there were a few on social media who felt Zaira had done nothing wrong.


"Quoting Quranic Verse is not a crime... Why is every Indian abusing @ZairaWasimmm. She didn't mention any particular nation or religion. I request everyone please stand with #ZairaWasim. She needs our support. #ISupportZairaWasim," goes a tweet.

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