Kashmiri actor Ehan Bhat enters Bollywood with a film produced by AR Rahman called '99 Songs' - GulfToday

Kashmiri actor Ehan Bhat enters Bollywood with a film produced by AR Rahman called '99 Songs'


Combo photo shows Ehan Bhat and AR Rahman.

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Oscar-winning composer AR Rahmans first film as a producer will feature Ehan Bhat, a budding actor from the picturesque Kashmir.


Ehan is a talent discovered by Rahman, and the newcomer is spellbound by the Oscar-winning composer.


The movie ’99 Songs’ will be the actor’s grand entrance into Bollywood.




Ehan is thrilled with the upcoming film and is even more excited with all the attention talent from Kashmir have been receiving.

"Kashmir in itself is engrossed in art and culture. It is just the situations and conflicts that are there have dominated people, (preventing them) from following their dreams. But I think slowly everything is changing," Ehan told IANS.

Renzu, for one, is someone whose success makes him proud.


"Danish (Renzu) is a great friend. His film was listed for the Oscars.




Then you have Eha I hope people get inspired by us being in Bollywood and they follow the trail that we followed and be a part of this industry as well," he said.

He hopes to be a role model for his community. "I get a lot of direct messages from Kashmir asking what are the ways to be in Bollywood. If all goes well, I can be their role model, for my community, for Kashmiris," said the budding actor.




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"Ever since I was a boy, I was a fan of (AR Rahman). I had his cassettes and CDs. I have, all my life, been a fan of sir. I hoped that one day I would get into this profession and I wished and hoped that someday I'd do some film that Rahman sir would do music in it," he said.

Ehan continued: "How little did I know that I would get a film produced by Rahman sir and with music and story by him! It's a dream come true for any actor who is starting out. Once you meet him in person you will be spellbound by him. I am overwhelmed."

"99 Songs" casts Ehan features alongside Edilsy Vargas in the musical film, slated to hit theatres on April 16.



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