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Saudi artist Majd Shaker Jaha and Amazon float unique Eid gift cards

Majd art 1

Saudi artist Majd Shaker Jaha.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

A new collection featuring artistic designs created for Amazon by Saudi artist Majd Shaker Jaha, comes just in time for Eid Al-Fitr. customers in the UAE can gift their loved ones the newly launched special edition Eid-themed electronic Gift Cards.

The colourful designs capture the beauty of this special time of year and help people to send the traditional ‘Eideyyah’ (traditional Eid gifting) to loved ones, digitally on Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President of Amazon Middle East and North Africa (MENA), said: “We are delighted to bring customers a new Eid gifting experience that offers a modern way to share the joy of this special occasion with loved ones, while capturing the essence of cherished local traditions.


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“Our collaboration with Majd is the first of its kind in the Middle East and for and comes as part of our commitment to supporting the brightest homegrown talents and celebrating the region’s rich culture.”

The young artist and Arabic calligrapher behind the designs developed her love of drawing from an early age and has successfully turned her passion into a profession with the launch of her website, MJD Studio. Jaha has also authored two educational books on watercolour techniques, namely, “Learn to Paint with Watercolors” and “Learn to Draw Flowers”.

The Gift Card designs created by her were inspired by the inscriptions and ornaments found on Khaliji (Gulf) clothing, together with traditional celebratory items that are found in the region. The designs were created exclusively for Amazon in time for Eid, and they capture the joyful spirit of the season.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jaha said: “I’m very excited about this collaboration and would like to thank Amazon for the opportunity to have my work used to represent this wonderful occasion, which brings happiness to so many people. I hope my designs will help inspire budding artists not only in the GCC, but across the world.”

majd art 2  A design sketch.

The new special edition Eid-themed eGift Cards can be purchased at The Gift Cards Store on among many other designs, with personalisation options.

Available in denominations of up to Dhs6000, the Gift Card can be redeemed by entering the code during check out, or adding the amount directly to account.

The traditional design is colourful, character- and calligraphy-based, and embraces the rich history of the region, with its traditional mud-brick houses, palm trees, flowers, and Arabic coffee illustrations. It brings together everything people love about Eid festivities — from new clothes and sweets baskets, to fireworks and much more. Jaha is a 22-year-old Saudi artist and Arabic calligrapher who developed her love of drawing at an early age. She focused on drawing and design, before graduating with a major in public administration. She has also specialised in the investment field, which has qualified her to be a trainer on educational platforms, within Saudi Arabia and outside.

She keenly pursues the plastic arts and design, combining the two disciplines. Passionate about watercolour, she believes one is born to be creative. As a trainer and content writer, she says that if students work from a young age, it helps them build the future confidently and faster, while improving income and helping establish sound social relations. In an interview to a regional newspaper, she said that she tried to find a balance between traditional aspects of Saudi culture and her personal style.

“I take inspiration from culturally significant and recognisable designs, like the decorations of traditional Saudi cookware or fabrics such as Shalky and Sadu, and play around with those. Maybe I’ll alter the colours; but I always try to maintain the integrity of the design itself,” she said. Shalky fabric is one of the most popular fabrics that women used in the past. It features gorgeous, bright colours.

Al Sadu is an ancient tribal weaving craft that artistically portrays Arabian nomadic peoples’ cultural heritage. Woven geometric and figurative patterns and symbols reflect traditional tribal lifestyles, the desert environment and the weavers’ creative self-expression. MJD Studio is an art and design studio and the platform trains in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It provides a variety of services in technical fields, in addition to enriching artistic content and offering creative products. The Gift Card can be purchased by customers directly on website or Amazon’s app with the amount of their preference in just a few seconds.

Recipients will receive an electronic notification with the Gift Card and a claim code where they can choose to either add the Gift Card amount directly to their Amazon account or just apply the code directly during checkout when shopping. They will be able to choose a gift of their choice from millions of local and international products, including perfumes, jewellery, apparel, bags, beauty products, electronics, and much more. Valid for up to 10 years, the Gift Card is a new creative way to gift the ‘Eideyyah’ to family and friends this Eid — and in Eids to come.

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